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Why is the handwriting of the white character inkjet printer unclear? How to deal with it?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-01

Now more and more industries will use inkjet printers to achieve high-definition stable inkjet coding, especially for brand logos and production dates, etc., which require inkjet printers to complete the job. What should I do if I find that the handwriting is not clear during the coding process? Let’s take a look at the white character cij printers and other methods that can be used to deal with this problem. In daily operation, you can better understand all aspects and use it correctly.

1. Is the ink selected correctly?

Attention, white character inkjet printers have their own corresponding ink matching requirements. If the model, material, etc. do not correspond, then It will directly affect the printing effect of the inkjet printer, and it is prone to problems such as illegible handwriting. According to different printing materials, the choice of ink model will be different. It is recommended to consider the equipment and try to use high-quality imported ink that matches the model to improve the accuracy and effect of printing.

2. Whether the print head is clogged

If the cij printer prints unclearly, there is a common problem that the print head is clogged, which is also necessary in the daily operation and use process. Pay attention to a good question. It is necessary to clean the nozzle of the printer in time to avoid ink clogging. At the same time, adjust the position of the ink line and adjust the height and width of the characters to see if it can print clearly. Constantly adjust and improve to achieve high-definition coding.

If the white character cij printer is not clear, you should have a good understanding of these basics, and you must have a certain understanding of the structure and function of the inkjet printer. According to the application and operation requirements of the inkjet printer Wait for a comprehensive consideration, relatively speaking, it can also reduce the possibility of printer problems.

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