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Why is the laser marking machine occupying so many markets?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-03

There are more and more industries that laser marking machines can use, especially the two-dimensional codes that can be seen everywhere. Compared with traditional marking methods, they have higher flexibility and lower cost. The labeling machine has already occupied nearly 90% of the market in the printing industry. Why does this happen? It is because it has the following eight characteristics.

1. Permanence: The laser marking machine works well, and the marking will not become dim due to poor environment.

2. Anti-counterfeiting: The logo engraved by laser marking machine technology is not easy to copy and change, and it has strong anti-counterfeiting ability.

3. Non-contact: The laser marking machine is not processed in the form of mechanical tools. It can work on the surface of various objects without internal stress, and can also ensure accuracy. Corrosion, abrasion, etc. occur on the surface of the object.

4. Wide applicability: Laser marking can be processed into various metals and non-metal materials (aluminum, copper, iron, wood, etc.).

5. High engraving accuracy: The laser marking machine can engrave thin lines with a minimum line width of 0.04mm, and has the characteristics of clear marking and beautiful appearance.

6. Low operating cost: The laser marking machine is fast, and it forms a marking machine at the same time, with low energy consumption, so the operating cost is low.

7. High processing efficiency: good effect and high efficiency, the laser beam controlled by the computer can move at high speed (up to 5m/s), and the marking process can be completed within seconds.

8. Fast development speed: Due to the combination of laser technology and computer technology, as long as the user can program the output of the laser printing machine in the computer, it is designed to print at any time and it can fundamentally replace the traditional mold making process. It shortens the product upgrade cycle and provides a convenient tool for flexible production.

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