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Why is the price gap of laser marking machines so big?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-11

With the continuous development of my country's economy and the continuous improvement of technology in various industries, domestic products are more and more popular with users. Today, I will talk to you about laser marking machines. Now laser marking machines have been used in all walks of life. When you buy laser marking machines, you will find that the prices of various manufacturers are different. Yes, and the gap is very large. Take a 20w fiber laser marking machine as an example. The low one is about 18000, and the high one is about 24000 and 32000. So why does this happen? Today, the laser marking machine manufacturers will take you to know:

The laser marking machine has a wide range of applications, especially suitable for switch panels, Marking and engraving of hardware tools, knives and kitchen utensils, plastic products, metal accessories, buttons, integrated circuits, packaging bottles, glasses frames, sanitary ware faucets and other products. The markings are clear and beautiful and never fade away. The environmental requirements are simple, and there is no need for constant temperature and humidity and water cooling facilities. No consumables, simple maintenance, powerful software. Now laser marking machines are all modularized. A machine is made of several modules. A basic marking machine consists of: laser, fiber galvanometer, marking card, field mirror, red It is composed of several accessory modules such as light, beam expander, laser power supply, marking card power supply, optical fiber marking machine cabinet, and computer. The most expensive ones are German IPG, domestic Wuhan Ruike, Shenzhen Innovation, and the price difference is several thousand yuan. Laser laser marking machine, Yantai laser marking machine, Weifang laser marking machine, using Wuhan Raycus laser, Beijing Jinhai Chuang galvanometer, Nanjing wavelength field mirror, Beijing Jinchengzi boxed board, even each power supply They all use the national standard, so they have a high brand reputation around the peninsula and the prices are reasonable.

The market price of domestic laser marking machines in the market is often much lower than the imported price. , so the equipment price is relatively low. The imported laser marking machine has unparalleled advantages in various components such as lasers, deflection mirrors, and host control systems; in terms of stability and service life, domestic models cannot be surpassed, all of which lead to The difference in machine price. High-quality laser marking machines generally use imported parts with superior performance, and their production costs are relatively higher. There are many advantages that a good laser accessory can bring to the laser equipment. First of all, the cost of manufacturing and technical support are both miniaturized and low-cost. Good fiber quality does not require crystal technology to be as strict as the incoming light source. The position of the optical fiber is matched, and the photoelectricity can be absorbed evenly and automatically; the application of the optical fiber also reduces the overall power consumption, so the lower calorific value and loss and the low-energy heat will not cause damage to anything; the output The energy can be divided into more energy, and the coordinated line can be increased to carry out coordinated and concentrated work of multiple beams; the requirements for the environment are also lower, and the tolerance to dust and temperature can be competent in a variety of environments; high-quality conversion rate for Energy saving and cost usage are also good enough.

Laser marking machine manufacturers have learned that the depth of laser technology is different. The price is not the only standard that customers think of buying institutions. Quality is the first decision whether customers choose to buy. If the standard cannot be guaranteed, what is the difference between the purchased equipment and a pile of scrap iron? The products produced by inferior technology will have poor quality; therefore, the price difference will be formed. Regarding the brand of laser marking machine, the current users are paying more and more attention to the product brand, mainly the manufacturers of big brands can make everyone more assured in terms of quality and service, of course, their price positioning will also be slightly higher. , the price is not only determined by the quality, but also partly positioned on the service. Even if it is more expensive, people are willing to buy it. Laser welcomes new and old customers to visit the factory and buy!

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