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Why is the price of laser marking machine so confusing?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-03

When you purchase fiber laser marking machines, laser marking machines and other laser equipment, you will find that there are many companies in the current chaotic laser marking machine industry, and these large and small companies will also Different prices are quoted, so everyone will start to have doubts when buying, and don’t know how to start, but no matter which company it is, everyone should know the truth of value for money, and the laser editor will analyze it below. The difference in price:

Whether it is a fiber laser marking machine, a semiconductor marking machine or a co2 laser marking machine, the equipment introduced by various merchants can be used normally, and the configuration is the same, but Brands vary. The price of the equipment is different due to the difference of the most important accessories in the laser equipment, followed by the galvanometer, field lens, control card, and laser. The glass fiber of rare elements is used as a gain medium, and it is used in special applications of optoelectronics. A particle conversion working medium with high power density is formed, and finally a so-called laser light source is formed through other working media. The range of use of this light source is very flamboyant, and it has great advantages in applications such as marking/welding/cutting of metals and non-metals, as well as industrial manufacturers.

There are many advantages that a good laser accessories can bring to laser equipment, first of all in terms of cost manufacturing and technical support. With miniaturization and low cost; good optical fiber quality does not require strict position matching like crystal technology for the incoming light source, and can absorb photoelectricity evenly and automatically; the application of optical fiber also reduces the overall power consumption, so Lower calorific value and loss and low-energy heat will not damage anything; the output energy can be divided into more energy, and increase the coordination line for coordinated and concentrated work of multiple beams; requirements for the environment It is also cheaper, and the tolerance to dust and temperature can be used in a variety of environments; the high-quality conversion rate has a good enough effect on energy saving and cost use.

Therefore, when everyone buys equipment, although the same name and the same appellation, the price is different. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, especially laser equipment, you should not only listen to the reasons for price, but also understand from many aspects.

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