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Why is UV laser marking machine much more expensive than fiber laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-12

Why is the UV laser marking machine much more expensive than the fiber laser marking machine? The UV laser marking machine is the best choice for the application of various PCB materials in many industrial fields. Circuit boards, circuit wiring, and advanced processes such as the production of pocket-sized embedded chips are common. This material difference makes UV lasers the best choice for various PCB material applications in many industrial fields. Ultraviolet laser markers work quickly in the production of circuits, etching surface patterns onto circuit boards in minutes. This makes UV laser marking the fastest method for producing PCB samples, and more and more sample labs are being equipped with in-house UV laser systems.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is better than optical fiber in some special materials, such as: ABS, PP, UV Wait. So why is this? The main difference is that the wavelength of ultraviolet light is different from that of optical fiber. The wavelength of ultraviolet light is 355NM, which is short wavelength. One of the characteristics of short wavelength is that it does not produce too much thermal effect on the material. The wavelength of the fiber laser marking machine is 1064NM, which belongs to infrared light, and it is easy to generate high temperature. If there are materials sensitive to heat, it will feel burnt. However, the fiber laser marking machine on the metal will not produce much change on the metal surface.

The application of ultraviolet laser marking machine in metal materials is still relatively small. Now fiber laser marking machine is the mainstream of the market in metal material marking, and the main reason is ultraviolet The price of the laser marking machine is expensive, and the power is relatively low (currently it is basically 3W and 5W). If the UV laser marking machine can reach 10w-20w, then it is not a problem to mark any material, and the ultraviolet light wave radiation is relatively Large, the radiation of the optical fiber is much smaller, so the optical fiber is relatively easy to be accepted by the customer.

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