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Why the FMCG industry prefers economical small character inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-17

The consumption of FMCG in people's daily life is much more than that of other products, so the competition in the FMCG industry is becoming more and more fierce. Therefore, FMCG manufacturers are trying their best to win the attention of consumers to increase sales. One of them is the personalized design of product packaging to increase the obvious difference from similar products, leaving a deep impression on consumers. At the same time, the regular manufacturers will ensure the quality to improve the reputation of the brand. FMCG packaging produced by any manufacturer is inseparable from the economical small character inkjet printer, which can print high-resolution and non-erasable identification information on the product itself or the outer packaging bag or box at high speed, such as: production Date, batch number, serial number, expiration date, class, and limited use date, etc., facilitate consumers to identify whether the product is within the applicable period, thus improving the credibility of the product in the minds of consumers.

Furthermore, the font printed by the economical small character inkjet printer of Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. is presented in the form of dot matrix font, so we also call it dot matrix inkjet machine. The working principle of the dot matrix inkjet printer is that the ink enters the spray gun under the action of internal pressure, and through the vibration of the spray gun crystal oscillator, the ink of the inkjet printer forms regular and continuous breakpoints after spraying, and then the small ink droplets of these breakpoints Through the internal CPU processing and phase tracking of the inkjet printer, the offset occurs due to the action of the high-voltage magnetic field when the charger is charged, and the pattern, text and other information that the customer wants are formed on the surface of the product.

The technician of Factory Technology Co., Ltd. also pointed out that the variable data information that can be printed online by the economical small character inkjet printer can almost meet the printing needs of the FMCG industry, and The price of inkjet printers is much cheaper than other types of cij printers, so it is more favored by the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

The important point is that economical small character cij printers have low cost for marking, especially for 24-hour production enterprises, small character inkjet printers are among the many types of cij printers with low marking cost. The small character inkjet printer is a must-have model for the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

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