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Why the laser marking machine couldn't play the word is what circumstance?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-21
Laser marking machine is a kind of free maintenance marking equipment, of course, when words can't dozen, what reason is? There are many reasons that cause this. It may be that the parameters of the software type is not correct, the light path is not correct, the power, without inserting or damage and control. Signal lines have been cut and plug unplugged, control card is broken, the laser is broken, and so on. When we know what causes, then the solution is simple. 1, for software parameter type for the wrong reasons, we can look at what you buy is to belong to that type of equipment, if co2 is then set to co2, optical fiber is set to optical fiber, and so on. 2, for the cause of the light path is wrong, the correct direct light path adjustment. 3, in view of the power supply is not good or damaged reasons: to plug the power supply, and check whether the power supply is able to use other equipment normal operation, if not you need to make relevant professionals to repair 4, for the cause of the control signal is cut off: plug in not reconnect the cutoff point 5, for good reason: to put good and fixed screw, prevent loose again, for the reasons of laser damage: more than replace good laser is a laser marking machine could not play a word, the best advice is to find manufacturers after-sales maintenance personnel to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance. Don't blindly to repair the machine, so as not to cause further damage
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