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Why the printer nozzle is so vulnerable? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-23
Nozzle is one of the most core components of a laser printing machine, its quality directly affects the print effect, so a deep understing of nozzle is indispensable. Nozzle is the most expensive part of printer, expensive and fragile shower heads, what we should pay attention to when in use? First of all, on the nozzle has hundreds of pinhole size of nozzle, it is because of the nozzle small, small to print out so exquisite design, but it is also prone to where the problem lies. Ink nozzle with moderate is not high, or put the nozzle with coating or other material, it will plug nozzle, the result is, of course, also shower nozzle scrap cough up! Moreover, uv ink to meet photocoagulation, operator does not timely check to use the printer ink circumstances and eventually plug nozzle, even damage the ink jet system. One more thing, incorrect operation, resulting in ink gravity infiltration machines, making line short-circuit burning nozzle. So, when using the laser printing machine, attention should be paid to in strict accordance with the method of use, operation and daily check for laser printing machine to make the necessary management, early found early treatment! Is a collection development, production, sales and service as one of the manufacturers, want to know the printer's friends can go to the website ( www。 byc168。 com) Consultation!
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