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Why the uv printer is usually more expensive than regular printer? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-30
UV laser laser marking machine is much more on the ordinary flat-panel printers a UV system, then use the accessories are different, of course, the same material purchase price is higher, so the production cost is high! So the UV printer is much more expensive than ordinary laser laser marking machine. Why so expensive uv printer is so popular with the public in the printing industry? UV laser printing machine is a very obvious advantages of play is dry, can print material is very wide, and most don't need to coating, it saves a process, save trouble. There is ink adhesion is very good also, it is not easy to rub off. Because the ink is playing is dry, very short cycle of print, it also can meet the needs of a great part of the production! There is also a advantage, that is, UV ink is light solid ink, only after a strong light curing, room temperature not solidified, so normally, wouldn't be easy to plug nozzle! UV ink environmental security, but also the development direction of the current mainstream! UV machine is valued in the UV system, so the price goes higher than the average. We are committed to building the conscience products manufacturers, printers, friends you'd like to know, please leave a message or contact us!
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