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Why the UV printer nozzle has a service life? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-25
I believe that a lot of friends to buy the UV laser printing machine when many manufacturers have a unified answer to you. Machine warranty 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and so on. But there's a phrase: ink road system and nozzle is beyond the scope of the warranty. So first tell you those who belong to the ink road system: the ink bottle, refill tube, ink sac, nozzle, ink pad ( The machine with no ink pad is negative pressure system) The carbon blade, refill tube scrap and waste ink bottle, ( Scrape on the surface of the nozzle) Consumable is so, why are these things? Do you know? As long as it is UV machine ( Whether big machine, or a small machine, epson, ricoh, seiko, kyocera, etc. ) Is belong to micro piezoelectric ink jet way. The way of micro piezoelectric inkjet nozzle are ignition frequency. How much is the specific time. Check out the can, Because each nozzle type too much is not listed) Ignition times after reaching upper limit, the life of the nozzle has an end. GG smecta! That some friends will ask me how to use machines to buy back all didn't put a period of time how to also not line? Two things: one is you didn't work for too long. Nozzle is blocked. The second case: although machine didn't how to use regularly have boot normal operating the machine, a figure. But the nozzle is not blocked, but is slowly dying. This situation is less but there is some. I will tell the reason why. UV ink contains slight corrosion. Whether it's refill tube or ink sac nozzle, etc. As long as contact with ink. The corrosion was started. This is why these consumable including nozzle many UV factory house is beyond the scope of the warranty. Understand now?
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