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Why use a small character inkjet printer for identification?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-06

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and major supermarkets have already started to sell moon cakes. However, on the 27th, Fuzhou Juchunyuan moon cakes were marked with the production date, which aroused the attention of the majority of people. Small character cij printers are crucial to food safety. An important part, the small character cij printer can be used to print the production date, batch number, barcode, trademark pattern, anti-counterfeiting mark and Chinese characters, and is a coding equipment that promotes the modernization of packaging.

Why use a small character inkjet printer for identification?

1, is conducive to product identification.

By printing the date, brand and logo on the product through the small character cij printer, the product can quickly attract the attention of consumers, so as to stand out in the fierce competition and achieve the effect of improving brand awareness.

2. The need for product tracking records.

The batch number and production date of the product are directly printed on the product, and the product has good traceability, which is convenient for the quality management and regional management of the enterprise product.

3. Prevent fake and shoddy products.

Manufacturers can use small character inkjet printers to mark products to prevent and suppress the occurrence of counterfeiting, so that manufacturers can lead the counterfeiters.

4. Increase the added value of the product.

The manufacturer who prints on the product is usually regarded by consumers as a product with relatively complete quality tracking and responsible for product quality.

Small character inkjet printers are widely used in many industries such as food and beverage, daily chemicals, wire and cable, chemical industry, electronics, etc. It is especially important for manufacturers to choose a small character cij printer suitable for products. Consumers buy products considering more than the date of manufacture, taste, the appearance of the packaging, information about the nutritional content and source of ingredients, and even corporate values. Companies must be able to provide relevant information to consumers in an open and transparent manner.

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