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Why use easy tear line laser marking can bring benefits for businesses?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-15

on the market most commodity packaging is equipped with easy tear line, it can improve the experience, what is easy tear line? Simple point is a convenient tear consumer or user of a press line, as we have seen in a document similar to the dotted line. On the market a lot of paper, plastic bags have such easy tear line on there. Usually easy tear lines are dotted line cutting hob or are point, line cutting, are generally adopt knife cut dotted line on the logo, but the efficiency of processing effect is not very good, so many businesses choose to use easy tear line laser marking machine.

before talk easy tear line laser marking machine, we first to get to know the easy tear line for merchants have any effect. Commodity packaging is hard to tear or rip would hurt it, this seems to be the merchant and not a lot to do, just a consumer can't open your product. But they purchase goods for consumers, that is, the user must hope to it is to be able to easily open, after all, the product is not only your home is, consumers can buy other products for replacement of the same class, eventually led to a decline in business sales. So in order to be able to satisfy the user's experience as well as to achieve the requirement of the bags that can be easily torn, most goods producers must be equipped with easy tear line or is easy to tear, not easy to tear is necessarily a product quality problems.

since said the vast majority of commodity packaging need to increase the mouth, easy tear line, so, what kind of processing method should be used to achieve better? For the present stage in terms of the development of laser processing technology is first, and its application in the field of mechanical engineering is more and more widely, also more and more important, influence is also too big. Companies have said that I also can use traditional artificial mechanical engraving? Traditional artificial carving is indeed possible, but the traditional artificial mechanical engraving with the mechanical properties of thin films, punching, not only has very low machining efficiency, and the blade and the roller is belong to the vulnerable parts and confined to the linear punch, in high speed machining and stomatal aperture size has a slight difference, on the whole the traditional artificial mechanical engraving is not recommended.

line easy tear film laser marking machine is compared with the traditional mechanical pressure hole, with speed, precision punching, the characteristics of high efficiency, and adopt easy tear mouth laser marking machined out of each breather hole aperture in the easy tear line marking spacing is uniform and adjustable. Can achieve arbitrary direction and a mean Kong Biao moment of any shape. Laser engraving equipment has stable performance, easy operation, maintenance free, long service life, fast processing speed, high efficiency advantages. Processing of all kinds of film packaging industry provides more convenient advantage, also let the industry has been further ascension in the field of its, which can meet the demand of industry at present stage.

in the appeal, merchants for some product packaging use more easy tear line can improve the user experience, and lead to higher performance. And easy tear line laser marking machine is able to provide new film processing industries such as processing equipment, and bring the more convenient than traditional processing mode features, to meet the needs of packaging industry for easy opening, but also meet the needs of manufacturers.
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