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Why use the designated inkjet printer ink?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-18

Friends in the industry and customers who have purchased inkjet printers know that the inkjet printer must use the ink specified by the manufacturer for normal operation and better maintenance. Many industries

Foreigners could not accept such 'hegemonic' consumption agreements at the beginning, because the prices of consumables provided by some inkjet printer manufacturers are not low, they think the market

There are cheaper inks on the Internet to replace them. Isn’t the ink just a black liquid? How much difference can it make? As long as the characters can be ejected, and with the misleading of some unprofessional comments on the Internet, some customers would rather choose cheap inkjet printer inks to reduce production costs. In this regard, I would like to remind you friends and customers of large inkjet printers again. Don’t let go of everything but see short-term benefits. It makes sense for manufacturers to remind customers to purchase designated inks:< /p>

Of course, if you just write with a brush dipped in it, then any price of ink is fine, no business will say that you must use my ink, otherwise the brush

It will break. Here, what I want to say is that the general pigment cij printer ink is not a simple liquid, but a granular powder fused in the liquid.

As a precision instrument, the printer, especially the nozzle part, has very high requirements on the size of the particles contained in the ink of the printer. Ink for cij printers are generally quick-drying, and poor-quality inks contain larger particles. Even for dye-based black inks, the composition ratio is quite strict and complicated. Yes, so mismatched ink is very easy to make

The nozzle is clogged, and the serious one can also cause blockage of the ink tube, damage the filter, and cause the ink circuit system to collapse. As we all know, the core part of the inkjet printer is the circuit

The system and the ink circuit system. Once the ink circuit system breaks down, it is not just a simple after-sales maintenance.

Furthermore, even the solvents and inks provided by printer manufacturers will have different models. Manufacturers generally choose the most suitable inkjet printer ink model according to the needs of customers when formulating marking solutions, because different types of inks and additives must not be mixed, otherwise they will Causes a chemical reaction, causing the machine to produce various problems, and the ink system may also collapse due to this.

As for the high price of ink for cij printers provided by manufacturers, I can only say that you get what you pay for. After all, the inks provided by some manufacturers are imported with original packaging.< /p>

The quality is much higher than that of some cheap domestic inks, so the production cost is not low. In addition to the transportation and customs costs, it will be formed in the domestic market


For such a price. For example, the inks provided are imported from Germany and the quality is guaranteed, so the price will be higher than that of domestic inks, but it is definitely within the range acceptable to customers.

It can be seen that in the procurement process, customers should not only choose the right inkjet printer, but also the correct inkjet printer. In fact, in the long run, use Good

ink, so that the normal operation and maintenance of the printer itself is guaranteed, which is more cost-effective than using inferior ink to reduce production costs, I believe Ming

Wise customers should know it.

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