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Wide application of coding technology in the food industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-16

In recent years, coding technology has been widely used in the food industry. Can be printed on various specifications of food packaging (production batch number, manufacturer's name, warranty

shelf life or other related information), high-quality coding The equipment has a stainless steel structure with IP66 protection level, which can operate safely and stably in various environments, meeting the needs of coding and marking in the production environment of the food industry.

The small character cij printer is a non-contact coding technology, whether it is on soft cake packaging bags, hard canned bottles, etc. Regarding different materials, even in the harsh production environment of high temperature, low ice and coldness

Logo requirements.

The small character cij printer complies with food industry standards and can directly print digital logos, batch numbers, Chinese characters, English, expiration dates, barcodes, and production dates on food packaging and


On the label. Suitable for various materials (PET, Tetra Pak cartons, plastic film, paper products, woven bags, plastic, metal, glass, etc.) and various shapes of packaging and printing. For example, for eggs

the manufacturer prints relevant information such as the product name and date, and prints the batch number and origin on the packaging of green or organic fruits and vegetables. It can print up to 4 lines of information at high speed.

It is very suitable for high-speed packaging production lines in the food industry.

The inkjet printer has a friendly interface and easy operation. Real-time fault display realizes safe and reliable operation. A series of cij printers with a variety of industrial protection levels ranging from low to high

products are suitable for working in a variety of ordinary and harsh production environments.

The series of inks provided can meet the special needs of the food industry for coding. There are not only inks suitable for maintaining the original color after high-temperature steam treatment, but also inks suitable for small-package foods and ice cream foods under low-temperature conditions. In addition, there are also matching inks. Quick-drying inks for high-speed production lines, etc.

, with decades of production experience and loyal users all over the world, can provide perfect solutions for the food industry.

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