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Will the laser coding machine be disturbed by static electricity under normal use?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-05-02
Today, the editor of Shanghai Leadtech will tell you whether the laser coding machine will be affected by static electricity and electromagnetic under normal use. Will the laser coding machine be affected by electromagnetic and static electricity under normal working conditions? The damage to the coding machine is also very large. Long-term static electricity accumulation can not only increase the probability of fire, but also affect the normal ink dot splitting of the printer, and severeness can affect the normal operation of the printer. Therefore, when the coding machine is installed, the grounding treatment of the coding machine is very strict.  Although electromagnetic and static electricity will affect the normal operation of the printer, only our users are required to maintain it, and the printer will not be affected too much.   Many companies have large-scale equipment in their production workshops. Depending on the type of equipment, electromagnetic fields will inevitably occur. Because the operating principle of the coding machine is to use the voltage deflection type, once there is no protection against electromagnetic interference, it will affect the normal operation of the coding machine. The solution is to add a metal maintenance layer outside the equipment or circuit to be maintained, so that electromagnetic waves will form a current in the metal layer, and then ground the maintenance layer to leak the shielding current. In fact, it is for common mode interference.
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