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Wire and cable industry inkjet printer solution - wire and cable industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-30

Industry characteristics:

Ink consumption is very large in the production of wire and cable, and the consumables required every year increase the production cost of the enterprise. Choose an economical cable with reasonable price and moderate price of consumables The inkjet printer is also one of the important issues that every wire and cable manufacturer has been considering. The performance of Leadtech Coding solutions in the pipe, wire and cable industry needs to match the actual production process, and printer downtime can interrupt the extrusion process, resulting in costly downtime, rework and scrap. Also, poor code contrast or quality and ink transfer can degrade product quality.


Printing content: company name, logo number, quality mark, product batch number, product specification, model, date, accurate meter, power supply, voltage, material description , usage requirements, etc.

Applicable materials: PVC, PE, XLPE, PP, etc.; products such as power cables, communication cables and optical fibers.

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Applicable model:

M9 small character cij printer

SQ3720 Small character inkjet printer

SQ3720P white ink inkjet printer

Application case: see more customer cases

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