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Wire and cable laser marking machine High marking standard and flexible operation

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-29

With the development and progress of the industry, various types of cables and cables are widely used, the demand is expanding, and there are further requirements for product quality. Some information is difficult to label, so the marking equipment must have high precision and high efficiency.

The cable laser marking machine shines in the wire and cable marking industry with zero consumables, zero maintenance and simple operation. The entire processing process of the cable laser marking machine is controlled by a computer Software control is very flexible in operation. Corresponding dates, batch numbers, QR codes, serial numbers, etc. can be marked on cables of different shapes and thicknesses at will, and the marking is permanent.

The application of laser processing technology in my country is very mature at present, because of its stable performance, it has completely penetrated into the packaging processing process of various industries Its appearance effectively resists counterfeit and shoddy products, and allows unscrupulous traders to take advantage of it. It is used in the cable industry and effectively regulates the cable market, which plays an important role in protecting product quality.

Advantages of cable laser marking machine:

1. It can adapt to the mass production of cable production line. The marking speed of the cable laser marking machine is 7000mm/s.

2. The text or pattern marked by laser will remain permanently, will not fade or wear over time, does not require any consumables, low cost production.

3. It can be used to mark cables with different shapes of circle and bar, and can print the production date and cable batch information on the bottom and side, which is in line with the wire and cable industry. production standards.

4. The operation is simple and easy to use. Ordinary workers can directly operate the production after half a day of study, which indirectly saves labor costs.

5. Automatic Leadtech Coding, establishing a product tracking system, after a product quality problem, the same batch of products can be quickly traced, which improves the after-sales processing time.

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