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With printing factory production spurt the code machine can have what effect? - - - - - - Guangdong - spurt the code machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-23
Due to spurt the code function to all kinds of printing on the package name of commodity and specifications, and so on information, so, the manufacturer usually to printing factory house purchase specifications appropriate to cij printer use, for the excellent product spray print all logo. Then what spurt the code machine can have what effect? Here are evaluated by high printing vendors would to make an introduction. 1. Increase the additional value of products with printing factory production spurt the code machine can spray print material is very much, can not only spray print logo on the paper can also be on the material such as glass, plastic spray print. So, using the spurt the code machine would print logo onto the product, not only can make the product stand out in the middle of the various competing goods, also means that the factory made a solemn commitment to consumers, manufacturers can according to the spray print logo on product quality tracking service. 2. Track the production batch number at the time of production, the manufacturer can use printing vendors would spurt the cij printer production product information such as the production batch number and production divisions are printed on the product, if it is found that a shift of product have some problem, you can according to the product on the spray printing of batch number and flight information to trace IQ, so after using printing vendors would spurt the code machine can facilitate enterprises to supervise and control the products. 3. Prevent the product is fake now, new technology and new products by others, inevitably there will be other manufacturers to follow. But in the use of printing factory production of spurt the code machine manufacturers can be specially designed spray trademark printed on the product, in this way can effectively avoid their products by others and counterfeit, not only the manufacturer of the product could have been better than other competing goods can have effective protection effect of product. Thus spurt the cij printer can play a very important role, so now a lot of manufacturing enterprises from the professional services to excellent printing vendors would purchase high quality laser marking machine to use. And manufacturers in the use of the printing vendors would provide spurt the cij printer, can effectively increase the added value of products and avoid being fake.
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