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With the arrival of 5G, what is the prospect of the wire and cable industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-19

'Successful bidding means death, not winning the bidding means waiting to die' vividly shows the current status of the optical cable industry. At present, the demand of operators is severely shrinking, and the supply exceeds demand. The utilization rate of ordinary wire and cable production equipment is generally less than 40%.

If you continue to indulge in this way, it is very likely that it will not be able to match the development speed of 5G. Optical cables can transmit higher bandwidth, so they are an indispensable configuration for the processing speed of future 5G network products. To achieve rapid development, the necessary hardware is also indispensable. Therefore, the pain points to be solved in the future are more to improve the processing speed and density, while reducing the delay, consuming less energy, and generating less heat.

At the same time, a new generation of cable and connector suppliers should actively prepare for the arrival of 5G networks. The advent of 5G will inevitably stimulate the development of the global wire and cable industry, but my country's top ten cable companies only occupy less than 10% of the Chinese market. This means that leading companies have huge development potential and can increase my country's market share first.

With the continuous development of high-speed network infrastructure, processing speeds are getting higher and higher, the composition of 5G networks, optical cable solutions to replace the copper power in the transatlantic submarine transmission pipeline will sooner or later. To achieve technology, optical cables must be squeezed into smaller and smaller spaces for development. The size and diameter of cable bundles need to be further improved, which requires leading companies to improve their Ru0026D capabilities and technical levels.

This means that if you want to better apply wire and cable to special industries, the technical content, applicable conditions, and added value of the cable will be much higher than that of ordinary industry applications, that is, the wire and cable Quality improvement is also one of the keys to the development of 5G networks.

According to the country's main application areas of wire and cable-electric power (new energy, smart grid), rail transit, aerospace, marine engineering, etc., the future prospects of my country's wire and cable industry are promising, and industry products The trend of upgrading is obvious. It is estimated that by 2024, the scale of industry demand is expected to exceed 1.9 trillion yuan, and the blessing of 5G will further increase industrial production capacity.

The wire and cable need to be printed and marked with the part number, batch number and production date. Some codes are to meet the requirements of regulations, such as listing the material composition, electrical insulation level and fire resistance, etc., and Some inkjet codes are used to help product measurement and installation, and logos such as the manufacturer's name and logo are mainly used to indicate the brand of the product.

In short, printing these codes is a necessary condition for product quality, compliance, traceability and even brand identity. Regardless of the reason for printing and marking the product, the information must be clearly visible on the substrate of various colors, able to withstand the friction caused by the winding, storage and installation of the product, without Leadtech Coding blur and transfer.

®Inkjet printers can work reliably under harsh and fluctuating conditions. Factories are often exposed to external weather conditions, and the weather will change drastically with the seasons. The environment may change from hot and dry to cold and humid. If any printer malfunctions, this will bring down the production line, material rework and rework for the manufacturer. Consequences of large amounts of waste. The cost involved in each failure event will be greatly increased.

Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a stable and reliable coded marking device! With rich industry experience and serving many wire and cable manufacturers, ® provides a complete set of cable printing solutions. The pigment model adopts a non-contact electromagnetic stirring system to make the ink system run smoothly without blockage. With stable performance and excellent performance, it is in a leading position in the industry.

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