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Working principle and application fields of high-resolution inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-04

High-resolution inkjet printers are also called high-resolution cij printers. Its printing resolution exceeds 200DPI, including thermal foam cij printers and compression printers. Electric inkjet printer. It is densely arranged with many small aperture nozzle holes on the nozzle. This feature determines that this type of machine generally uses oil-based ink, and oil-based ink can only be sprayed on absorbent materials, such as uncoated paper and uncoated wood. Wait, the ink will dry quickly. If it is sprayed on non-absorbent materials such as plastic or metal, the ink drying time will be longer.

It is another DOD small character cij printer which is different from the single nozzle CIJ dot matrix cij printer. It is called because its printing resolution exceeds 200DPI. High resolution inkjet printer, UV inkjet printer is a new type of piezoelectric high resolution inkjet printer, because of its ink characteristics, it is favored by manufacturers in various application industries.

Working principle

On the print head integrated in the piezoelectric high-resolution inkjet printer, there are 128 or more presses The transistors respectively control the multiple nozzle holes on the nozzle plate. Through the processing of the CPU, a series of electrical signals are output to each piezoelectric crystal through the drive board. The piezoelectric crystal is deformed, so that the ink is ejected from the nozzle and dropped. On the surface of the moving object, a dot matrix is u200bu200bformed to form words, numbers or graphics. Then, the piezoelectric crystal returns to its original shape, and new ink enters the nozzle due to the surface tension of the ink. Because of the high density of ink dots per square centimeter, the application of piezoelectric technology can print high-quality text, complex logos and barcodes and other information.

The nozzle of the thermal foaming high-resolution inkjet printer uses semiconductor thin film technology, and uses laser processing and high-precision deep-layer technology to form multiple nozzle holes with a diameter of about 50μm. The nozzle holes are arranged in a high density. The inkjet is energized and heated by the thin-film resistor, so that the ink produces countless tiny bubbles. The bubbles gather into large bubbles at a very fast speed and expand, forcing ink droplets to be ejected from the nozzle; when the resistor is without voltage The heating is stopped, and no ink droplets are ejected.

Application fields

High resolution cij printers are widely used in food, medicine, daily chemicals, label printing, manufacturing Cards, packaging and printing, medical treatment, electronics, hardware and other industries, can be printed on aluminum, ceramic tiles, glass, wood, metal, acrylic, plastic, leather and other flat materials, bags, cartons and other products. Applicable products include mobile phone displays, beverage bottle caps, food packaging bags, medicine boxes, plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloys, batteries, plastic pipes, steel plates, circuit boards, chips, woven bags, eggs, brake pads, mobile phone casings, carton boxes, and motors , Transformers, inner panels of water meters, gypsum boards, PCB circuit boards, outer packaging, etc.

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