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by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-07

The use of woven bags is very wide, and there are many subdivided types. What should I pay attention to when buying bags? What type of inkjet printers should I buy? What are the issues to consider when buying cij printers? Today I will explain to you about buying woven bag cij printers. Issues to be considered.

1. What needs to be considered is what effect needs to be achieved when printing on the woven bag, such as the font size of the inkjet font. Is it a dot matrix or a printed body, the number of lines of the code, the content of the code, whether it is necessary to print barcodes and QR codes, etc.

2. Issues to be considered It is whether the line speed of the inkjet printer meets the needs of our original production line. If it is a high-speed production line, then we need to buy a high-speed inkjet printer when buying a printer. If you buy a normal inkjet printer, it will definitely not be able to reach Inkjet printing needs, the printing effect will also be affected.

3. When purchasing a woven bag inkjet printer, you need to consider the stability of the inkjet printer. The inkjet printer not only meets the needs of the inkjet printer of the production line, but also has the advantages of low failure rate and saving cij printer consumables. Therefore, the purchase of a woven bag inkjet printer also requires a comprehensive evaluation of the overall performance and cost-effectiveness of the cij printer.

4. When purchasing a woven bag cij printer, you also need to consider the after-sales service of the woven bag inkjet printer and the strength of the woven bag inkjet printer manufacturer. At present, the inkjet printer is generally in The product after-sales warranty period is 1 year. In order to better serve customers and ensure the quality of the machine, it is common for good printer manufacturers to extend the period of after-sales service.

The above are the precautions for purchasing a woven bag inkjet printer, so purchasers can only purchase a woven bag inkjet printer with superior quality and complete functions only after comprehensively considering the above points.

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