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XINGCHUANG K128 handheld inkjet printer parameters

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-09
Color touch screen handheld cij printer introduction K128 color touch screen smart handheld cij printer Color touch screen, handheld cij printer horizontal inkjet, to meet customer production needs. Local operation or PC editing is optional; Color touch screen, WYSIWYG, easy to operate; Built-in massive Chinese character library; Dot matrix fonts, printed fonts, character height, arbitrary settings. K128 handheld inkjet printer has a high industrial protection level, adapts to various dust, humidity and other harsh industrial environments, and is sturdy and durable. Intelligent inkjet printer has a complete range of inks. A variety of formula inks are available to meet the needs of different customers. This product is currently used in building materials (wood board, carton, stone, architectural membrane, multi-layer board, MDF, light steel keel, etc.), wine, beverages, electronics, auto parts, food, daily chemicals, medicine, rubber, pipes And other industries are being widely used. Standard functions: 1. USB interface 2. Built-in national standard full-character library, dot matrix font. 3. Automatic power saving function: In standby mode, the display will automatically dim for 10 seconds and automatically shut down in 5 minutes. 4. On-line editing can be printed by color touch on the screen, what you see is what you get, and the operation is simple. Main features: 1. Stainless steel case. 2. Color touch screen. 3. The host information stores 1000 pieces of information. 4. The machine works as usual at -20℃-40℃. 5. Relative humidity range: 10-90% [non-condensing] Printing function 1. The best printing effect is 5mm away from the object. 2. 40 meters per minute. 3. Printing height: 1-18 mm. 4. 8 lines can be sprayed. 5. Time, date, shift, serial number. Ink type: Oily ink color: black, red, green, blue, yellow, purple. Quick-drying ink colors: black, red, purple, green, blue, yellow, white. Technical parameters: 1. Input voltage: 8.4V. 2. Working current: 8.4V. 3. Battery voltage: 8.4V 4. Battery capacity: 2500mAh. 5. Machine size: 160X100X100mm
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