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You have to be optimistic about the several adjustment methods for the unclear printing of the circuit board inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-30
are now widely used. For example, cij printers play a good role in circuit boards. But when I use the circuit board inkjet printer, I found that it is not clear. How to deal with this? What are the requirements? For the majority of users, it is still necessary to consider it first, and adjust it according to the needs of the coding operation. 1. Ink problems. If the circuit board inkjet printer is not clear, first consider the ink itself. It is recommended that you check the quality of the ink in time to see if it meets the application needs of inkjet coding. It can be compatible with the cij printer. Of course, you must also see if the ink is not enough or the ink cartridge is in the wrong position. This must be adjusted in time to avoid problems with the inkjet industrial inkjet printer and affect the work effect. 2. Nozzle problem Nozzle problem is also a problem that everyone needs to consider. If the nozzle is not properly cleaned during long-term use, it is easy to have clogging problems, which affects the clarity of the inkjet code. It is recommended that everyone consider thoroughly when using the inkjet printer, and clean the inkjet printer in time, so that the nozzles are not blocked, and the inkjet printer can have a good texture after being cleared as soon as possible. 3. Setting problems The circuit board inkjet printer must be set up in advance to ensure stable use. It is necessary to understand the corresponding parameter problems in advance. According to the coding operation requirements of different industries, the parameter settings will also be different. , It is necessary to check in advance, understand the operation requirements of inkjet printing, and adjust it accurately. Relatively speaking, it can also effectively avoid the possibility of other operation problems and make the inkjet printer more safe and practical.
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