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Your mood, to show - by your custom t-shirts

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-22
At first, in the early ninety s, China began to popular t-shirts, t-shirts are normal text, pattern, all of a sudden, the words on T-shirt to eccentric, into various rebel type, fun type, dispelling the sublime of venting, poking fun at slogans and began writing his own feelings on the clothes, which is accord with young people in the society generally confused state of mind. A lot of people at the time of custom t-shirts will choose to use a variety of words to express his thoughts, in the form of interesting words can let a person shine at the moment, to attract the public eye, every words are buried under a interesting and personality have a soul. Choose the digital jet printing technology, whether it is monochrome logo of text, or graduation, special custom design, gradients, and so on can easily meet your requirement. Digital jet printing laser printing machine can meet your different custom requirements. Textile digital printing printers use high-quality water-based ink, printing gradient & amp; More color, more exquisite pictures are no problem. Print colour is gorgeous, and permeability is very good, this is out of reach for screen printing and thermal transfer process! about
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