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Z new carbon dioxide laser marking machine application

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-22

With the increase in domestic sales of imported laser tubes from the United States, more CO2 carbon dioxide laser printing machine manufacturers pay more attention to finding a balance between performance and cost performance in the assembly and production process. Imported laser machines and domestic laser machines The difference is not only in the laser tube, but also in the galvanometer and the compatibility of the software system. These have promoted the continuous progress and development of laser machines. Today, the role of laser cij printers is getting bigger and bigger, and more people are starting to abandon their original ideas and pay more attention to the application of laser printers. Today, Shanghai Xuanwei talks about the application of Z new laser cij printers. Continuous research and development and innovation can be better used in more industries. At the same time, through the efforts of Sanqin, we have won the support and affirmation of various packaging industry users in Jiangsu, which is also the driving force for us to move forward.

The following are some new laser printing machine applications, so that more applications will promote the better development of our laser technology, and better reduce costs in the future, so that the majority of users can use Affordable, rest assured to use, and better popularization of CO2 laser inkjet printers is not only for the prosperity of the marking industry, but also to provide users with better marking equipment.

The application of the new carbon dioxide laser printing machine

When it comes to the new application of the laser machine, I have to mention the packaging industry, The application of laser machine can achieve a high degree of anti-counterfeiting and permanent color fading. For some industries that require anti-counterfeiting and concatenation of goods, it is the same as the existence of timely rain. You can also see the current development from the 'Regulations for the Use of Laser '. Trends and future prospects and daily use characteristics and application methods of different types of laser machines.

Laser inkjet printers are gradually applied in all walks of life Some well-known food and beverages such as 'Nongfu Spring' are achieved by carbon dioxide laser inkjet printers, and there are new applications in the clothing industry, among which the application of clothing, shoes, and handbags is the most extensive, and can be equipped with a computer through the laser machine. A variety of patterns and contents can be freely designed in. In addition, the new application of laser in the craft gift industry also has to be said. From the earliest wooden boxes, wooden beads to necklaces, buttons and other laser Leadtech Coding, it has achieved high effects that cannot be achieved by inkjet printers, and has high precision and fast speed. It can fully meet the needs of the user's production line. The other is the new application of laser machine in the electronic industry, such as mobile phone, MP3, MP4, keyboard, electronic card, etc. Using laser marking is not only beautiful, but also easy to use, which is deeply loved by users. The last is the new application of laser in the paper industry. The greeting card is a new way of celebrating the New Year. It is marked with a laser cij printer, and the pattern is clear and can be permanently faded.

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