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2019 new spurt the code machine breakdown maintenance and maintenance method of small character profiles

2019 new spurt the code machine breakdown maintenance and maintenance method of small character profiles source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2019 - 2 - 25 browsing: 0

as the end of the lunar New Year holiday, more and more customers for minor characters on the cij printer breakdown maintenance and other after-sales service put forward a lot of problems, the main reason is false not ready before the corresponding maintenance work, at the same time also does not have the regular cleaning of equipment maintenance work, will cause the printing equipment in the long-term operation under the condition of not result in the presence of the fault. Under the use of equipment for a long time, of course, is also likely to malfunction, and therefore in order to be able to let users better handle spurt the code machine in use process problems, to provide users with comprehensive maintenance methods and the corresponding breakdown maintenance solution.

a, about to spurt the code machine maintenance methods are there? We all know that there are many problem through the usual maintenance can be avoided, such as: check the liquid level of ink and solvents, low in time by the program must be added. Regularly check whether the ink viscosity is normal, ink to spurt the code machine is the key, the ink viscosity to spurt the cij printer has great effect on the normal use of. Regularly check whether the ink is expired, ink as a demanding chemicals, also have a valid, if the ink for the period of validity, should purchase as soon as possible, otherwise the print quality is no guarantee that the air compressor. After using the device needs to be clean and dry sprinkler system, pay attention to the switch machine automatic cleaning procedures. Clean the fan filter on a regular basis. Regularly clean magic eye installation and fixing device. Regularly check the print head and the installation of the electric eye and fixtures. Check the connection of power supply and ground

2, about the solution of the spurt the code machine breakdown maintenance have? boot process failure, should check whether the equipment problems should be add ink, ink is insufficient and check the liquid level detection electrode wire should be adding additives, additives is insufficient and check whether additives added solenoid valve work normal fault or insufficient compressed air fan, check the fan fault or compressed air temperature will change the work environment, fault inspection viscosity measuring viscosity line, at the same time check the liquid level changes to confirm viscometer viscosity agent solenoid valve is working correctly spurt the code machine starts the chalk line fault nozzle lid is not closed nozzle cover of machine fault high-pressure cleaning, drying nozzle electrode and clean high voltage wire jet. the chalk line recovered fault check valve is on? Restart the chalk line and watch the chalk line status code machine spurts India during fault detection fault closed chalk line should check jet. the black spots, cleaning and dry nozzle electrode; - check the spurt the code machine running parameters - - - - - - > Confirm whether ink failure - - - - - - - > Update - perform ink - - - - - - > Check whether the nozzle cap is clean - - - - - - - > Check the breakpoint and adjust the CPU - IMP communication spurt the code machine spray printing speed alarm reset spray printing speed, motor speed fault contact technical personnel spurt the code machine pressure is not normal, clean change filter core and spray nozzle filter trouble-free show but can't print inspection sensor sensing the first cij printer spray printing effect is poor cleaning nozzle check nozzle stents stability check nozzle with object distance chalk line groove is centered in recycling, etc.

warm prompt: the above method is for reference only, for different types of brand spurt the code machine will there is a difference in maintenance, and therefore suggest that all users read carefully the instructions or consulting professional maintenance of the master. Appeal procedure does not help users solve the serious problems, encountered severe cases or equipment failure of consulting a professional maintenance personnel will be better, hope the appeal method will be helpful to you.

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