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30 w fiber laser marking machine probably how many money a? — — Factory direct sale

30 w fiber laser marking machine adopts high energy density laser beam local burning surface, the surface evaporation materials or discoloration, thus revealed. In deep material, the use of optical fiber laser, laser output tag function and then take advantage of high speed scan mirror system, optical fiber laser marking machine of electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, but all the cutting. Metal materials and some non-metallic materials mainly used in depth, smoothness and fineness of demanding field. Laser marking non-toxic, no distortion, no pollution, wear-resisting. Loss is large, stable performance, price moderate, optional control line depth, can work long hours. Structure of integrated design, new light path sealing way, overall stability and reliability. By software and the upgrade of the control system, can improve the stability of the whole machine, logo, words such as any information can be used as a graphic identity, text and other information of any standards, software and control system upgrade to further improve the stability of the machine. Remember, it is the feature of carvings elegant and beautiful, never wear. Compared with 20 w fiber laser marking machine, 30 w fiber laser marking machine marking intensity and efficiency increase slightly. According to the needs of users, it is also one of the public option model. Optical fiber laser marking machine has electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, the air cooling way, small volume, the output beam of good quality and high reliability etc. Fiber laser is divided into nonmetal material, adopt the whole integrated structure, light pollution and loss of power coupling and air cooling, high efficiency, long life and less maintenance. 30 w laser marking machine is greater than the rate of 20 w laser marking machine, marking machine static and dynamic marking machine, or online marking machine 30 w. Efficiency is faster than 20 w, 30 w laser marking machine price is more expensive than 20 w laser marking machine. 30 w laser marking machine has high photoelectric conversion rate, long service life, large size, etc. Simple protection, marking speed, processing efficiency is greatly increased. Three-dimensional positioning technology has high precision, high speed is focused on the scanning system, laser beam base model, short pulses, the peak value, high repetition rate, high quality for the customer the marking effect. 30 w fiber laser marking machine how many money? Wu Hanrui laser, sea, and the galvanometer, nanjing wavelength field lens, golden orange card price in 28000 yuan; 20 w laser marking machine price in 20000 yuan. 30 w laser optical fiber laser marking machine is now the world's most advanced laser technology development and become a new generation of laser marking machine system, the optical fiber laser, laser output then through Beijing sea, a high-speed scanning galvanometer system realize marking function, widely used in electronics, separation of components, integrated circuits ( IC) , mobile communications, precision instruments, glasses watches and clocks, computer keyboard, jewelry accessories, hardware products, kitchen utensils and appliances of cutting tool and tool accessories, auto parts, plastic buttons, plumbing accessories, PVC pipe, medical equipment, packaging bottles of pipe, sanitary ware, etc.

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