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4. 0 and intelligent laser marking technology association

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-07

4 in industry. 0 by the German government is in the Germany 2020 high technology strategy, the ten projects in the future of the proposed guidance, industrial 4. 0 and the development of the Internet of things today have airtight separable relation. Now society cannot leave the existence of the intelligent, the most common is a smart phone is almost a hand, and even children are worn by the hands of smart watches. Intelligent application can be seen everywhere in our daily life, to our life have a connection, just like now pay a lot of consumers choose to pay treasure, WeChat this way of online payment. 4, in short in the production of intelligent industry. 0 is the central control through data information to optimize production operations.

4 in order to adapt to the industry. The development of 0, sign industry merchants need not too too anxious to new technology and new products, Laser marking machine) Investment, should be to check myself. Self-checking mainly divides into: explore factories, review goal three steps, evaluate suppliers. First explore is need according to the existing analyzed roughly marking equipment and production status, understand the current whether these equipment, technology can satisfy the current minimize the involvement of the third party tools and requirements, is already enough 4 embedded in the industry. 0 related upgrades to form, be simple. So in money into new equipment need to 'explore' the factory first, and focus on new equipment or technical functions, especially laser intelligent marking ability to expand in the future.

followed by review goal, review the target merchants need 4 back to the industry. 0 up to need to collection data types and the target for benchmarking purposes, to make sure all the factory sensors, devices, and whether IT systems have the ability to communicate with each other, and the ability to collaborate to collect data. If found to have sensors, device, or IT system does not yet have this ability, you need from all levels, the calculation of the gap, determine whether new technology or equipment are welcome to join us to make up for.

the last is to assess suppliers, 4 in the industry. 0 on the development of only the view from the perspective of their own products, will only bring information occlusion problem of suppliers. 4. 0 to factories, levels of equipment, systems and the information flows between the need to eliminate these information 'isolated island'. Enterprise ERP/SAP, and other management systems, production level of each independent equipment and the key role of connectivity, this is a 'qualified' suppliers should know.

enterprise after finish the three steps in the appeal, can demand for goods code assigned to consider and choose the appropriate intelligent laser marking machine. Accurate identification has important implications for the business and customers, from a single product production and batch information, carton information to the tray labels, only the identification precision, to ensure that products reach the right place at the right time, and make the whole supply chain process tracing back is possible. Manufacturers cannot speak laser fu code forgotten in the blueprint of factory automation technology, to make the world is changing. Equipment interconnection, after all, the investment needed to falling, and reprocessed or recall unqualified is a sharp increase in the cost of the product.

therefore, manufacturing excellence, in the new world should mobilize all aspects of enterprise. 4 in the innovation technology involved in mining industry. 0 before construction, put a little more time to find factory automation level, the ability of communication will be decided in the late investment. 4 open comprehensive industry. Zero shift of the road of innovation often comes from technology, equipment, system integration after the internal motive, don't let the potential to become one of the limiting factor.
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