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A few tips for purchasing inkjet printers

1. First, clarify the type of printer. With the passage of time and the development of technology, the types of inkjet printers have evolved more and more specifications and models, which is dazzling. Then the first thing before purchasing is not to inquire or to go. For comparison testing, it is necessary to clarify the brand and type of printers needed. For example, the small character inkjet printer, the total height of the printed content is between 1mm-13mm, and the total number of lines of the printed content is between 1-4 lines. It is more suitable for coding on fast-moving consumer goods, which is common in supermarkets. Most products, such as cosmetics, food, beverages, and agricultural products, use this type of machine. For example, large-character inkjet printers, the height of the printed content is about 50mm, which can be divided into 9 points and 16 points according to the number of printing points. In terms of ink dot size, it is significantly larger than traditional small-character inkjet printers. Realize the coding of large cartons and outer packaging boxes, which are widely used in cement, wine, and food packaging industries. For example, the micro-character inkjet printer has the same printing content and line number as the small character inkjet printer, but the nozzle aperture is smaller than that of small characters, reaching 40 microns, which can achieve the minimum 0.7mm height content inkjet printing, and supports two-dimensional Code and variable data coding, automatic coding can be positioned on precision components such as PCB/FPC/SMT. For example, UV inkjet printers perform high speed on roll film, labels and other products. Compared with traditional high-resolution inkjet printers, the speed is faster. At the same time, because it is equipped with a UV ultraviolet curing lamp, the ink can be cured quickly, so that the attached Both focus and effect, the disadvantage is that the overall equipment purchase price is higher, more suitable for printing plants. For example, handheld inkjet printers, the very popular single-product inkjet printers in recent years, rely on low prices, compact appearance, flexible use, and more and more mature ink cartridge systems (HP technology blessing). The adaptability has increased rapidly, and some cij printers have been replaced in some cartons and food packaging. Second, clarify the brand of the inkjet printer. There are many brands of inkjet printers. How to choose has always been a difficult problem. Each brand has its own points of expertise. If we can organically combine our own needs and the points that the corresponding brand is good at, we can save a lot of time and buy super products. The value-for-money coding equipment. 3. Shop around for inkjet printer tips is more a rational choice, so in the third point, we will mention and reiterate the need for everyone to shop around. Only through comparison and evaluation can we find that our products are more in line with that ink and the coding effect of that material, and can be closer to our expectations. Only through actual inspections and face-to-face communication can we understand whether our suppliers' comprehensive strength and future development are suitable for long-term and stable cooperation. In the market, many manufacturers’ advertisements are very good, but the actual effect is not as good as the advertisements. This is also what the Inkjet Equipment Co., Ltd. suggests that you must do as a consumer, as a user, and as a production and processing enterprise. Field inspections and shop around. At the same time, I also recommend the company that ranks the top inkjet printer equipment by cij printer manufacturers.

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