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A good car with a good code--the choice of high-quality coding for auto parts

Modern cars contain thousands of independent parts, many of which require their own specific part numbers. The correct coding and marking equipment must be selected without error. Whether it is a supplier that produces the smallest parts, or an automobile manufacturer that relies on correct coding to track the assembly process and other processes, for them, the correct information on metal, rubber, glass, fiber or cards is used throughout the process. Important role. For tracking processes and managing the supply chain, the importance of robust coding has become clearer. Manufacturers are working hard to find global traceability and control solutions to maximize response speed while minimizing the impact of vehicle recalls due to faulty components, such as the 2013 Takata airbag recall. Direct marking of parts can be used in conjunction with vision systems, especially QR codes, to make the tracking process as smooth as possible. 02 It is costly for automakers to deal with the consequences of defective parts. Not only do they need to recall costs, they also face the possibility of fines, decline in stock value and reputation damage, and effective coding can help combat counterfeit auto parts. Counterfeit products, including fake brake pads, tires, suspension parts, steering rods and other accessories, are distributed everywhere and sold to consumers in large numbers. 03Choosing the correct coding scheme is not easy. The exact same application does not exist. The following are all the factors that need to be considered when choosing a coding scheme: 1 Code content The complexity of the code, such as the number of additional printing lines, or the printer of your choice supports printing in different directions , Or do you need to purchase a new coding equipment? 2 The base material considers the range of materials to be coded. Make sure you have each substrate so that the printer you are considering can print samples. Is the code clear? It is also necessary to consider the color range of the material to be coded: Is one coding scheme suitable for all materials? 3 Can the production line speed coding scheme keep up with your production line speed? If not, will the coding be affected? Do you need to code across production lines now or in the future? 4Factory environment For example, in a high-temperature or dusty coding environment, ensure that your solution has the correct IP level and functions for stable operation. 5The available budget includes not only the initial purchase price, but also the total purchase cost and the reliability of related factors; if you buy it at a low price, you may pay more for unexpected failures. As a cost of revenue rather than a cost of capital, is leasing a better choice? During the peak production period, can leasing flexibly meet the coding requirements? 6 Proofing test Does your coding and marking supplier provide free proofing test? You need to make sure that the machine can meet the requirements you expect. Example of auto parts: brake parts inkjet application: black base brake parts print one line of characters (yellow) inkjet base material: steel (black paint coating) inkjet content: production date inkjet size: two lines of 15 dot matrix inkjet printing Speed: 30 m/min. Pain points of the original cij printer: yellow ink is a soft pigment ink, and the nozzle clogging probability is higher than that of pigment ink. The nozzles of other brands of inkjet printers originally used are easy to be blocked, and they need to be cleaned frequently and manually when starting up. This is a serious waste phenomenon, which affects production capacity and causes messy workshop environment. During the peak production season, 24-hour three-shift continuous production, faults occur, and after-sales service cannot respond in time. Replaced with Leadtech 5900 yellow ink machine. The automatic cleaning function of the fully sealed nozzle of the Leadtech 5900 yellow ink machine has outstanding advantages in soft pigment ink and pigment ink, which can effectively reduce the probability of nozzle clogging. IP55 grade stainless steel housing, reliable operation under washing environment. FullFlush® self-cleaning technology can keep the nozzle clean, so that it can be reliably started even after a long period of shutdown. Application effect: 04 Efficient and stable coding technology: The shorter the downtime of the production line, the lower the business cost; the shorter the downtime of the customer's production line due to component code errors, the smaller the chance of missing business. Therefore, advanced cij printers that can perform continuous coding in the continuous production process came into being; this type of cij printer has very stable performance, long maintenance periods, and low maintenance costs. It can maximize production performance while reducing production The cost is minimized. IP55 or IP65 grade steel housing can prevent liquid and particle pollution such as carbon powder or rubber dust, prevent clogging, and provide high-quality continuous coding. Other features such as positive air print heads also help the machine run stably in an extremely dusty production environment. 05 designed for busy production lines that require frequent changes to the coding requirements can be connected to a central PC to reduce the chance of manual errors when producing multiple products or producing for multiple customers. Some printers can be easily transferred between production lines, making production more flexible and time-saving. With the help of traversing print heads, larger parts such as metal plates or printing across production lines will be more flexible. And, because automakers usually manage their supply chains with lean principles, effective cij printers enable you to quickly respond to rapidly changing customer needs.

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