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A laser carving machine how many money? How to choose suitable laser engraving machine

The laser engraving machine how many money? ” This problem is not to explain the price. At present, the market ranging from more than 20000 to tens of thousands. Laser engraving machine is divided into: fiber laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine, MOPA uv laser engraving machine, green laser engraving machine, various types of laser engraving machine, of course, the price also vary widely, such as glass only CO2, green light and ultraviolet laser engraving. If you use metal fibre laser engraving machine, you can't follow it. For example, in wood carving radium, so can only choose the CO2 laser engraving machine, all in all, every industry and laser engraving is not the same. Laser engraving machine price mainly depends on the configuration, the configuration of the different price is different also. So when you choose a laser engraving machine, the first to look at the configuration of laser engraving machine, speed requirements, laser engraving factory brand influence and fineness requirements; The best and professional manufacturer of communication technology, or see you buy what type of the laser engraving machine, and then look at your specific technical requirements, finally look at the price advantage and other comprehensive consideration. Are you decide to buy what kind of equipment selection. Price is an index of the equipment, not all, so it cannot determine the pros and cons of all the equipment, also does not have the same number of comparisons. Buy a laser engraving machine, choose a suitable for you, is not to say that I would have to buy a laser engraving machine is bad, not to say that your good and bad is not cheap.

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