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About co2 uv three types of optical fiber laser marking equipment analysis of the application of more detailed

most businesses perception of laser marking machine is limited to the surface, did not have a deep understanding on it. At the same time, most of the industry demand for their goods marking is also not the same, different vendors for products marked with the different requirements, thus for laser marking machine also have different requirements, at the same time for laser marking device also has a different name. Wei in accordance with the express our laser marking machine application range is very broad, contains all the needed target industry as well as the material, both to carving metal, non-metallic materials can also be carved. But is still need according to the different marking requirements as well as the material and make choices, wei in Czech co2, optical fiber, ultraviolet this three common laser marking equipment make a details of the share.

the first is the co2 laser marking machine, we all know that co2 laser marking equipment is also known as laser spurt the cij printer, non-metallic laser marking machine, etc. , because of the co2 laser marking machine is the price is lower than other same price a lot, so the sales volume is larger, co2 laser marking machine is mainly used in the nonmetallic material as standard, such as: paper packaging, plastic products, leather, cloth, plastic resin, wood products, organic glass, PCB, etc. , are widely used in food industry, cosmetics industry, cosmetic industry and gift industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, tobacco and other industries, and favored by the manufacturer.

the other is optical fiber laser marking machine, often referred to as metal laser marking machine, is one of the mainstream of the laser marking equipment on the market at present. Its price is reasonable, is mainly used in some metals, alloys, rare metals, metal oxides such as material, is our common iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, gold, silver, titanium, metal oxide, phosphating, anodized aluminum, plating surface, appliance outer, daily necessities, IC card, metal products, tools, accessories clocks and watches, glasses, jewelry, auto parts, buttons, building materials, PVC pipes, etc. But it is important to note that for some glass, food bag, parts of abs material, and demanding of pervious to light the key industries are not able to use.

a third is ultraviolet laser marking machine, also known as universal laser marking equipment. Because it has the extremely good beam quality, and light spot very small, small heat affected processing area, will not produce thermal effect, also won't produce material burning questions. Thus has no features by co2, fiber laser marking machine, but also can meet and make up for their needs and deficiencies in the process of marking, so ultraviolet laser marking machine can be used in all materials, almost at the same time also favored by many manufacturers. Uv laser marking machine can be fine and special material marking, the marking effect is the necessary choice for high standards of customer. Ultraviolet laser marking device is especially suitable for used in the high-end market of hyperfine processing, cosmetics, medicines, food and other packaging bottles of marking on the surface of polymer material, fine effect, marks a clear and firm, is better than that of printing ink and pollution-free; The flexible PCB marking, scribing; Porous silicon wafers, blind hole processing; LCD glass qr code marking, punching, metal surface coating glassware surface marking, plastic buttons, electronics, gifts, communications equipment, building materials, etc.

appeals wei in accordance with the express three kinds of laser marking device has good beam quality, stable performance and fine marking effect, marking speed, zero consumables, safety, environmental protection, small volume, long service life, maintenance free, safe, flexible and convenient, simple to operate and so on superiority characteristic, is able to meet the diverse needs of marking equipment, one of is also a good helper for many entrepreneurs.

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