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About holding a spurt the code machine can use printer cartridges and the analysis of the performance characteristics

About holding a spurt the code machine can use laser laser marking machine cartridges and characteristics analysis of the source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2019 - 2 - Browse 18 0

although hand-held spurt the cij printer is not the best one of all the marking equipment, but its use and the penetration rate is still very high. For some businesses choose to use a handheld spurt the code machine will be more convenient, at the same time, it is easy to carry, after all, not all of the processing need small characters spurt the code machine, high resolution spurt the code machine, laser printer, some use a hand-held is better. Is not hard to find a handheld cij printer ink cartridges and printer cartridges used in our daily office is very similar, so there are many users have such a doubt: I can use the printer ink cartridges in holding a spurt the code machine use? Both the cartridge is the same?

in essence between can tell you are not the same, and therefore not able to gm. Handheld spurt the code machine should be used with handheld spurt the code machine ink cartridges, so as not to cause damage to equipment, embodied in:

is a capacity, holding a spurt the code machine ink properties is given priority to with solvent ink. The common laser laser marking machine ink are water-based ink.

2 it is the nature of the ink and the use of material is different, holding a spurt the code machine ink, almost can be used in glass, metal, plastic and other materials. And the office printer with ink properties can only be used in the paper, the applicability of the single.

and then bring you what are the performance characteristics of handheld jet. the under review: holding a spurt the code machine is also a kind of portable spurt the code machine, with the advantages of light small, easy to use. With light and practical, printing equipment advanced synchronization device, can guarantee font regardless of movement speed, all can make the font spray evenly, and beautiful. Solved some big objects need to spray print dealer code requirements in a timely manner. Holding a spurt the code machine adopts imported oily ink at the same time, can be in a series of porous surfaces and half hole jet printing, including all kinds of paper, packaging, wooden plank. Multi-usage, high definition, stable performance, spray printing speed, long service life and legible, small power consumption, material economic and other advantages, only supplies a year for the user to save a lot of money.

use handheld spurt the code machine, through the operation platform, control output special characters, identify products distributed sites, so as to achieve the string functions. The volume and weight of the ordinary spurt the cij printer are very big, can't move, the product in the process of spray print is an assembly line production, but for just out of the store sales of products, sales area is not the same, send number is not unified, if on the assembly line, not only convenient, and the efficiency is not high also. With the emergence of spurt the code machine, no doubt for companies because of these problems is a good news.

handheld jet. the another special feature - — Anti-fake function, using the anti-fake invisible ink, make handheld jet. the role play to the extreme, anti-counterfeiting invisible ink filtration precision is high, not only being recharged sex good, strong adhesion, and the product is spray printing code under ultraviolet light shows blue light special anti-counterfeiting function.

all in all a handheld cij printer is not able to use the printer cartridges used, at the same time the use of hand-held spurt the cij printer can solve common jet. the cargo motivation status. Holding a spurt the code machine not only small and delicate, flexible operation, the equipment can realize the whole mobile, convenient to transport the jet printing products.

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