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About how to choose the following printer - the sham as the genuine in the market

Regularly updated inkjet industry the most valuable information, inkjet technology, solutions, inkjet mall, trade show, inkjet community, and many other premium content, looking forward to your attention, and we grow together! Following from the printer using non-contact printing technology, more than any printed a successful color design, simple process, no need plate making, tinted and complex sun board procedures, won't cause damage to the material, is a manual painting, silk screen printing technology innovation, the patterns of the printed colour is gorgeous, the waterproof, sunscreen, wear resistance, never fade, etc. Since listed following from printer, get the industry spoke highly of, two additional factory customers increasingly. Would be so intense market feedback, everything is as expected, because this machine has many advantages. 1) To understand the precision of the following from the printer following from printer when the choose and buy, recommend to watch the machine printing process, in order to determine its accuracy. Let the machine to print one line no. 2 to 10 pt). After printing, and see if each type of words are very clear and tidy. If the font is not clear edge is not neat or very fuzzy, the precision for the following laser printing machine will sell at a discount greatly. Then choose a pattern does not move after again let the machine to play again, to see whether the patterns of the two print can one hundred percent overlap. If not, the following printers can't choose, mass production of connoisseur knows, if print patterns before and after can't overlap does not achieve the mass production, also prove that the machine precision is not pass. 2) To choose the following printer with high strength work ability the following will introduce the role of material coating coating is mainly ink absorption imaging with increased adhesion. Image point, for example, in ABS plastic printed full color image, and ABS plastic itself is not adsorption ink, the ink jet above is scattered, not imaging, at the same time a will rub off. In ABS plastic surface spraying ABS plastic coating after printing, can form a clear pattern, and also cannot erase. The coating can be all kinds of material to use? The answer is that if you don't consider adhesion, can, if want to consider adhesion, it wouldn't work. Coating is in view of the material and ink, a material of a coating, at the same time to consider the performance of the ink. Such as: ABS plastic coating is used in ABS plastic, metal coating is specially used for metal color printing, in addition to: glass coating, PC, PS coating coating, PVC coating, PET, PP coating, silica coating and so on. Because coating deployment involves complex chemical industry professional knowledge, this is also a the embodiment of the company's technical level, so not any company will be supplied with comprehensive coating. Ink, first of all, the following printers use ink and ordinary household or office in the ink is different. Second, following from the laser printing machine ink basically should consider the following factors: 1) The fluency of fluency good ink, ink will not block the printer nozzle, there is half a month, nozzle or pass. Fluency bad ink, the computer will be stuck in the day, and some very thoroughly, don't you want to wash clean, also is the equivalent of the nozzle has been & other To submit an expense account & throughout; . 2) Ink color reducibility can use printed image effect is compared with the image on the display, the closer the reducibility of ink, vividness, the better. Why do you say the closer, not the same? Most of the customers with the display, or LCD, either ordinary CRT. Liquid crystal displays because of its working principle, the color of the display is biased, sometimes deviation is very large, so suggest generally don't use liquid crystal display; Ordinary CRT display of the images cannot be completely consistent, unless professional CRT monitors, and related professional Settings, but the price is more expensive. Can summarize the following printer market, at present is good and evil people mixed up, calm down and make technology development, completes the service for the customer much, boast boast is, before the customer upgrade, what all no problem, but once the upgrade, what problem here. Described above, are sketchy, for your reference. In a word, before the choose and buy must carefully review the comprehensive strength of sellers, so as not to affect production and mood after the upgrade. The above is to bring us the sham as the genuine in the market about how to choose the following printer is introduced. Hope to be of help. 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