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About the causes and solutions of the blue screen of the S80 small character inkjet printer

S80 cij printer blue screen problem, this is caused by many reasons. Here I will talk about a few main reasons. First of all, determine whether it is the blue screen or the backlight is too bright. If the backlight is too bright, you can adjust the adjustable resistor on the development board behind the screen to adjust the backlight brightness. If it is determined that it is a blue screen problem, there are three main reasons for it. One is the development board problem. The second is that the high-voltage resistor burns and causes a short circuit. The third is the short circuit caused by the electric shock of the external casing. Solution: 1. Development board problem: If it is a development board problem, it is necessary to directly replace the development board, but it is sometimes difficult to see whether it is a development board problem. At this time, you should find a maintenance person to check. 2. The high-voltage resistor is burned: the high-voltage resistor is in the back cover of the nozzle. If it is burned, it is necessary to replace the high-voltage resistor. 3. Electric shock to the external case: Check whether there are electrical boxes or other things around or contact with wires to cause short circuits or interference. If you encounter a blue screen problem, it is best to find the manufacturer's maintenance personnel to check it. If you have any questions, please contact our technicians, and we will do our best to answer your questions! Consultation hotline: 020-87227827, 62206051.

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