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About VIIJET A380 small characters spurt the code machine by information sharing

About VIIJET A380 small characters jet. the graphic information sharing source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - 25 browsing: 0

although small Mid-Autumn festival holiday has ended, but the small make up did not forget to share the last relevant information about the A380 micro machine oh ~ but A380 micro machine are belong to cij printer is a kind of small characters, to share with the front two articles about the A350, A360 is one of the same series products, only the nickname, performance, and has certain difference on other aspects, and seriously to understand first what is the A380 micro word machine, to understand the performance characteristics of the other aspects about it.

wei in Czech VIIJET A380 micro machine cij printer is a kind of small character spurt the code machine, has high spray printing speed and humanized operation interface, the man-machine engineering membrane keyboard, the person gives on the operation is simple and reliable trust. Able to specifically for some need high spray printing and achieve excellent spray printing effect and design, has a key to realize nozzle cleaning, without having to open nozzle cleaning nozzle of psychic powers. Can do it for a long time and stable use, has 12000 hours of free maintenance, all stainless steel shell, cleaning more convenient, durable and anti interference.

about the A380 micro machine cij printer, the performance of the other aspects of the details are as follows:

1, the linear velocity: spray publishing for 5 * 7 lattice, is generally not more than 4 lines. Fastest jet printing speed is 5 * 5, line can reach 650 m/min

2, height of character can according to the font on the choice of lattice in 0. 7 mm to 10 mm choice between

3 to 10 mm, best spray printing distance should be controlled between 5 mm ~ 20 mm

4, keyboard is a standard computer keyboard operation, have numeric keys, alphabetic keys, special function keys such as

5, equipment display screen is 5. 6 inch 640 * 480 high-definition color display

6, according to the requirements on the design editor to write words, characters, figures, designs, one-dimensional bar code and qr code, the information such as random code

7, in the language is available in Chinese, English, Korean, Italian, Vietnamese and other language, suitable for domestic and foreign businessmen use

8, data interface of RS232 and RS485, rotary encoder, alarm lamp, spray printing the output, state, such as USB interface

9, high overall height is 598 mm * 388 mm * 338 mm deep wide

10, information storage and both almost 400 article, if you want to store more you need through the U disk

11, protection grade reaches IP65, full stainless steel cabinet

12, nozzle adopt modular heating, nozzle for 40 um 115 KHZ; 42 mm diameter; Length is 245 mm

13, spurt the cij printer high flexible pipe is adopted on the tube syndrome syndrome

14, with 750 ml can only be used solvent ink box

15, ink core has 12000 hours of free maintenance

16, the A380 micro machine a set of optional nozzle stents, electro-optical sensor suite, alarm lamp, nozzle XYZ triaxial fine-tuning mechanism, shaft encoder, upright devices such as

appeal is information about the A380 micro characters spurt the code machine, of course there may be some small details is introduced, in this also hope you can understand. But it doesn't matter, if you want to learn more about consulting the personnel of the service can be directly. Hope this sharing can let you to our wedding in accordance with the express the A380 micro machine products have a deeper understanding.

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