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Advantages of using inkjet printers in the machinery industry

For applications in the heavy machinery industry, our cij printers are very efficient, for example, with advanced adjustment of the uptime of the application, which improves production efficiency. Our cij printers provide customers with high-speed production efficiency at the same time , The machine has also been inspected and maintained very meticulously to ensure that the machine can run at a normal high speed, and a new oil vapor recovery function designed on our inkjet printer, which further ensures the long-term work of the machine and the efficiency of the work.  Our cij printer can print up to 5 lines with high resolution printing speed up to 960 feet (293 meters) per minute, 7X4 double lines, at 480 feet (146 meters) per minute. Our inkjet printer is designed for printing and can perform high-intensity inkjet coding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our inkjet printer is the most popular machine in demanding industries, which can effectively guarantee workshop production. The inkjet printer has a low maintenance cost. An integrated core is integrated into a key component of the ink system assembly. This solves a problem, that is, the maintenance cost is reduced. Our inkjet printer runs for 12,000 hours. It requires too much maintenance, which is very effective in demanding industries. Moreover, the core content operation is simple and convenient, only simple learning is required, and an ordinary person can operate it.  Our inkjet printer is very environmentally friendly. It uses an IP65-level inkjet printer housing, which can protect the machine in harsh environments. The design of the exhaust gas recovery system reduces solvent consumption and saves costs. design reduces costs and reduces maintenance. Our inkjet printer adopts a new clean and mobile print head design, which provides the maximum running time and reduces the ink usage of the inkjet printer. Using exclusive smart ink cartridges, Fluid system. By reading the embedded chip, the printer recognizes whether compatible liquids are installed to prevent errors in ink types or switch makeup and ink. Save time and money, the intelligent ink cartridge fluid system is designed to completely discharge, no waste of residual liquid. The design of the needle and septum eliminates the need to pour ink for the operator, preventing fluid overflow and waste.

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