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An old driver in the printer industry? How much do you know about these precautions?

Anyone with a driver’s license knows that every traffic warning sign on the road has its meaning, so that the driver can make the next step in time. Do you know the meaning of the signs that you see when you use the printer? This article will explain the warning signs that you see during the use of Leadtech cij printers and ink solvents, and how to respond in an emergency, remind you of how to avoid danger and how to use the cij printer safely. General warning signs: remind you to pay attention to other harmful or potentially fatal activities. High-voltage warning sign: reminds you that if you do not follow the correct safety precautions, there is a high-voltage electric shock hazard. Mandatory eye protection warning signs: When you do any work involving inks or solvents, you must wear safety glasses. Safety glasses must comply with European and international safety standards. Mandatory hand protection warning sign: When you do any work involving ink or solvent, you must wear solvent-resistant protective gloves. Irritant warning sign: If the correct safety precautions are not followed, a certain substance may irritate the eyes and respiratory system. High flammability warning sign: If the correct safety precautions are not followed, a certain highly flammable substance may cause a fire. Sharp needle hazard warning: The ink and solvent injection mechanism on the printer uses a retractable safety needle to pierce the lid of the box. Electronic waste disposal: and ink and solvent cartridges contain electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). At the end of its life, the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) on the printer must be disposed of in accordance with the local environmental regulations and EU WEEE directives (2012/19/EU or local equivalent regulations). What should I do if I get ink on my skin? When working on the printer, cleaning the printer, or directly contacting ink and solvents, you must wear protective glasses and solvent-resistant gloves. Eyes stained with ink or solvents: Rinse eyes with clean water, (remove contact lenses, if any). Separate the eyelids and continue to rinse the eyes with clean tap water for at least 10 minutes. Seek medical attention. Skin stained with ink or solvent: Take off contaminated clothing. Wash the infected area thoroughly with soap and water, or use a special skin cleanser. Never use solvents or thinners to remove ink from the skin. If tingling occurs or the pain persists after washing, seek medical attention. Ink or solvent swallowed: If swallowed accidentally, do not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention immediately. If the injured person is conscious, wash his or her mouth thoroughly with water and allow him to drink plenty of water. Let the injured rest quietly, keep them warm, and allow them to breathe fresh air. Inhalation of solvent mist: Move the injured to fresh air immediately. If the injured stops breathing, artificial respiration should be performed and immediate medical treatment should be sought. Note Keep the injured warm and let them rest. Emergency shutdown procedure If the printer needs to be shut down quickly due to an emergency, please unplug the printer's power cable from the main power socket. If there is danger and cannot safely approach the main power cable, please use the power isolator switch of the printer. ----------------About Leadtech------------ If you want to know more, please contact Leadtech China: No. 518, Fuquan North Road, Changning District, Shanghai Hotline in Room 503, Block 1: Tel: +86 21 32796600 Fax: +86 21 32796601 Website: http://

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