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Analyses about wei according to jie ( VIIJET) The characteristics of V9 series of machine is introduced

Analyses about wei according to jie ( VIIJET) V9 series spurt the cij printer features introduced sources: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - Browse: 0

wedding according to jie ( VIIJET) Has always maintained a high-quality printing quality, in order to meet the demand for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to provide the corresponding printing equipment, to provide high quality identification technology, to provide excellent and stable performance and high quality of jet printing technology and equipment. ( VIIJET) V9 series small character spurt the cij printer for different industries provide clear spray printing effect, can reach 16 phase control, accurate ink division, charging precise specializing in order to obtain better spray printing effect and development of series of ink, ink temperature, viscosity and pressure real-time detection and automatic correction, etc. The overall appearance specifications for 600 cm * 380 cm.

a, industrial-grade nozzle design, performance on more advanced

1, the original ink viscosity testing and liquid level detection technology, the quality of the laser marking machine, high-definition and migration resistance than similar machines have more use ink and yellow ink.

2, can be completely anatomy of nozzle design, completely solve the industry has always been the nozzle clogging problem, reduce the use cost of users.

3 important parts, nozzle internal use teflon treatment, reduce the failure rate, can adapt to all kinds of bad production environment.

4, special upgrade double photoelectric trigger variable database information transmission, printing, printing and back and forth 500000 times repeated printing function, the machine can satisfy more requirements of application.

5, dedicated to software control of high pressure, broken completely avoided all switch design of a hardware failure.

2, functional, convenient and durable

1, a dedicated software control to ensure the machine can run stably for a long time.

2, unique 34 lattice design is suitable for various industries of customer demand for all kinds of identification.

3, Chinese display menu, with 7, 11, 16 lattice three thousand character, office pinyin input, design online editor, such as the function is all ready.

4, word type of ink to add system, plug and play, without having to change the ink tank, save the material.

5, support data transmission, and other electronic equipment ( Such as weighing instrument, computer) Form a complete automatic identification system.

6, have special requirements for customers tailored special print fonts, print mode.

7, what you see is what you get, the drop-down menu in Chinese, the operation is simple.

3, maintenance and maintenance easier

1, can be completely sealed, nozzle design, improve the convenience of maintenance, completely solve the problem of industry has been nozzle blocking, and reduce the use of the user cost.

2, drawer ink system, maintenance is more convenient and quick and easy.

3, through the menu directly manipulate single pump or valve open and close the ink system, realize the precise control of the local line, are more likely to judge the machine malfunction problems, eliminate unnecessary maintenance cost expense.

4, original design emptying ink system, changing ink is convenient and easy cleaning.

5, the unique case back door design, fast and convenient maintenance.

four characteristics and other advantages of

1, the linear velocity: printing lines of up to six lines, line speed of up to 285 meters per minute

2, optional lattice: single row, double row lines, three lines, four, five

3, height of character: according to the font bitmap in 0. Choose between 5 ~ 12 mm

4, spray printing distance: the best distance of 10 mm; Scope: 2 ~ 20 mm

5, identity information, can be directly through the computer editor or spurt the cij printer online user id, design

6, display: 320 * 240 LCD screen, wysiwyg editing screen display information

7, nozzle: the nozzle temperature, diameter of 35 mm; Length: 260 mm

8, pipes, high toughness, diameter: 21 mm, length: 2. 5米( Optional 2 ~ 6 m) , bending radius: 150 mm

9, optional configuration: sensors, encoders, product testing, fault alarm

10, weight: not packaging net weight: 27 kg

11, electrical requirements: the power of 200 ~ 240 vac, 50, 60 hz, 220 w

12, can be sprayed printed letters, characters, Numbers, Chinese character, one dimensional code, the qr code ( DM、RM) , a variety of language character pinyin input Chinese characters, the keyboard comes with 7 characters, database optional 100/300/500 information, nozzle optional 40/50/60/70 micron, switch machine with clear nozzle, password protection system, continuous spray printing function, etc.

above is about wei according to jie ( VIIJET) V9 series small character jet. the detailed features, advantages and characteristics of information sharing, and hopes to be helpful for your choice.

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