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Analysis of 30W CO2 laser printer

For a 30W CO2 laser printing machine, Videojet 3320 is a natural choice. This machine is known for adjusting high-speed and high-quality coding effects.  Videojet 3320 laser printing machine with advanced features of high-speed technology. Has a stable and outstanding overwhelming high-quality printing speed. The installation is also very simple, and the easy-to-handle organization has a high degree of freedom. The printer will be an effective solution with high print quality.  Universal high level of print quality   The above printer can incorporate the printing and barcode reading and foreign languages, graphic characters, complex multi-line, character alphanumeric information set in the camera image. Such as manufacturing and weight expiration date, certificate number, barcode and system code DataMatrix two-dimensional date, serial number, batch number, and content information processing system, easy and very fast. Printing a wide range of materials With the Videojet 3320 laser printing machine, it is possible to print a wide range of materials. I will respond to injection molded products, such as tube pharmaceutical containers, paper, board, carton packaging, PET containers, electronic semiconductor boards, auto parts, and seals. Permanent effect  Videojet 3320 laser printer is often recommended in the beverage industry, food, medicine, cosmetics, automobiles, and electronic components. Printing can be permanent, with a clear purpose (content, weight, price, etc.) expiration date, production date, batch number, symbol line, two-dimensional bar code, logo, mark, from personal data. High print quality  Obviously, different characters, machine-readable codes, graphics, and high-speed printing technology are great, integrated into simple standard modules.

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