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Analysis of beer industry in the use of the advantage of optical fiber laser printer

wine as early as in ancient times, when we watch the costume piece will often hear the ancients said: 'the wine meet huan' 'sorrow' and so on, with the continuous development of wine industry, will appear on the market for beer, red wine, wine and other products, a variety of different types of wine and the beer sales accounts for the world beverage sales in the third, after water, tea is a drink. Beer industry is not only to the People's Daily has brought great convenience, also add colour to our daily life.

beer, except at parties and dinners with get can also used in some dishes in condiments, such as beer duck. Beer is a kind of unique flavor alcoholic drinks, beer is not the same as cigarette products, a small amount of reference for human body health is good, but not drink. Currently on the market sell bottled beer in the bottle cap or has production date on the bottle, the bottom of the class even canned beer is also have this kind of identity information. With the increasing demand for goods processing of beer industry, traditional means of tag is no longer able to meet the demand of the code, in contrast, the automation of optical fiber laser laser laser marking machine became the new darling of beer industry.

from the processing of beer industry market demand is excellent in the performance of the laser marking machine is really gradually replace the traditional processing way, in the near future will be replaced completely. Why is this? Now is the age of the Internet, the traditional marketing model is getting more and more not suitable for use in today's society, it is only through transformation can play a better role of marketing. The Internet is a medium, the businessman want to interact with consumers, so the qr code is the most popular a kind of new marketing model, consumers by scanning qr code information on cap to carry on the corresponding product exchange, finally realizes to interact with consumers in-depth and accurate analysis of the purpose of consumer data.

since said to the cap qr code, so the traditional processing is not marked for cap qr code of the beer industry information security environmental protection precision marking requirements. By wei in Czech optical fiber laser marking machine to realize fast variable qr code marking, will contain integral exchange, anti-counterfeiting code query, awards and other related information of qr code mark inside the bottle JiuPingGai directly. For laser marking is zero consumables marking model of environmental protection, so don't worry about beer direct contact with the cap will cause pollution. The rapid sweep the yard through mobile phones can improve consumers purchase experience, in order to promote consumers interact to improve sweep yards of probability.

at the beginning of the article mentioned in the second paragraph production batch number, production date, certificate of identity information related to code. In beer industry, metal bottle caps, at the same time, the material such as glass bottles, and cans of beer products, the use of optical fiber laser marking machine can carry on the qr code on these material of beer products, production date, batch number, production design, logo and so on the accuracy of information code, do a bottle of a yard a date of replication. In the qr code information printed inside the cap to avoid repetition of the query, but also did the uniqueness of each qr code information, machine convenient database management, at the same time able to understand the status of real-time goods, etc.

all in all, with optical fiber laser printer for beer industry comprehensive cost will be lower, the production method is more flexible and zero consumables, zero pollution, zero contact, security, environmental protection, the qr code, date, batch number, logo tag information with clear, durable, beautiful, such as high efficiency, good performance of coating. And solving the beer industry security against the string, query the product traceability, anti-counterfeiting code issues such as the main helper, for Internet + beer industry has extraordinary significance.

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