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Analysis of inkjet printer manufacturers: the difference between high resolution and small character inkjet printers

High-resolution inkjet printers are also known as high-resolution inkjet printers. Its print resolution exceeds 200DPI. Small character inkjet printers are common continuous inkjet printers and non-contact inkjet inkjet printers. Today, cij printer manufacturers will carefully describe the difference between the two: First, the working principle is different. On the integrated nozzle of the piezoelectric high-resolution inkjet printer, 128 or more piezoelectric crystals are used to control multiple nozzle plates. Each nozzle is processed by the CPU, and then a series of electrical signals are output to each piezoelectric crystal through the drive board. The piezoelectric crystal deforms, so that the ink is ejected from the nozzle and falls on the surface of the moving object to form a dot matrix. So as to form words, numbers or graphics. The nozzle of the thermal foaming high-resolution cij printer adopts semiconductor thin film technology, and uses laser process and high-precision deep layer technology to form multiple nozzle holes with a diameter of about 50μm. These nozzle holes are arranged in high density, and the inkjet is energized and heated by thin-film resistors. Makes the ink produce countless tiny bubbles, the bubbles gather into large bubbles at a very fast speed and expand, forcing ink droplets to be ejected from the nozzle; when the resistor has no voltage, the heating is stopped and no ink droplets are ejected. The working principle of the small character inkjet printer is that the ink enters the spray chamber under pressure. The spray chamber is equipped with a crystal oscillator. Through vibration, the ink is sprayed from a nozzle with a very small aperture (usually 60 microns) to form fixed intervals , Through CPU processing and phase tracking, some ink dots passing through the charging electrode are charged with different electric cores, and they are offset differently under a high-voltage magnetic field of several thousand volts, and fly out of the nozzle and fall on the surface of the moving product. Form a dot matrix to form words, numbers or graphics. 2. Different application fields Small character inkjet printers are widely used in food, beverage, daily necessities, medicine, building materials, pipe industry, machinery, electronics, wire, cable, packaging and other industries. The scope of application includes the printing of packaging production batches, the printing of cosmetics production dates, the printing of cards, the printing of carton characters, the printing of pattern marks, and the printing of some QR codes and barcodes. High-resolution inkjet printers are widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, label printing, card printing, packaging and printing, medical, electronics, hardware and other industries. Because the resolution of high-resolution inkjet printers is higher than that of small characters, it is suitable for One item, one code, anti-counterfeiting traceability and other fields, the recognition rate can reach 100%. 3. The nozzles of other different high-resolution cij printers are usually 3~10mm away from the surface of the printed object. If the ink is printed on a concave surface, the printing distance may be too far to cause the ink to be unclear, while small characters are printed. The printing distance of the machine can reach 5-6cm; high-resolution inkjet printers generally have no line limit, as long as the height does not exceed the printing height, and small character inkjet printers usually can only print 3 lines at most; Different, the drying time of high resolution is slightly longer than the drying time of the latter; the speed of high resolution is usually 0-100m/min, while the fastest speed of the latter can reach 200m/min; due to the maintenance of the high resolution inkjet printer It is more worry-free, only the nozzles need to be cleaned regularly, while the small character inkjet printer needs to be turned on and run regularly; in addition, the ink of the small character inkjet printer needs to be added with thinner and is volatile. The above is the content shared today. I feel that the editor of the inkjet printer manufacturer has shared it well. You can follow the official website of the inkjet printer:, if you need to know about the inkjet printer equipment, please call us: 020-87227827.

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