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Analysis of the advantages of online fiber laser printer

The development trend of online fiber laser printers has always been on the rise. In the past ten years, human beings have reached an unprecedented level of knowledge about environmental maintenance and the useful use of resources. It has become common for developed countries and most developing countries, including our country, to screen the production technology of backward equipment that causes environmental pollution and resource waste to the greatest extent.   Today's consumers have higher and higher requirements for product quality. As one of the important methods of product quality assurance, marking each product with different information content such as its product name, standard, production date, useful life, production batch number, etc., has become an important content in various production quality standards. On-line laser printers have become a better choice to replace traditional cij printers on a large scale in the future. On-line flying marking is not only fast, but also able to complete zero consumption, no ink, solvent and other consumables loss, zero maintenance, It can be used as long as it is powered on, the operation becomes simpler, the maintenance amount is smaller, and the long-term use cost is low. More stable and reliable, suitable for large-volume product coding operations.  On-line laser marking machine (laser marking machine) uses a laser beam to mark a permanent symbol on the surface of various objects in the process of moving. The effect of    laser coding is to expose deep-seated substances through the transpiration of surface substances, and then engrave delicate pictures, trademarks and texts. Laser printers are mainly divided into: CO2 laser printers, fiber laser printers and ultraviolet laser printers. Nowadays, laser printers are mainly used in some occasions requiring more precision and higher precision. They are mostly used in electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware products, accessories, precision equipment, glasses, wall clocks, Jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipes, etc. Outstanding user evaluation is the driving force for the continuous improvement of potential benefits. Constant user response is our improvement and renewal thinking. Today, Shanghai Qianli will introduce the advantages of the online fiber laser inkjet printers we sell, so that users can fully understand that we are not only It is in the price, but also in the advantages of the application of many skills that the cij printer cannot match.   One, the laser printing machine is fast. We all know that the higher the wattage, the faster the marking speed. The innovation and change in Shanghai's potential benefits have allowed our 10-watt models to reach the speed of 15 or even 20 watts of ordinary models, allowing users to spend less The money to achieve more and more perfect marking effect, fast to high accuracy and then to good quality, these not only win customer support for potential profit, but also help potential profit to build a lasting and stable laser marking and supplier Brand, together to help customers improve the product appearance and brand effect.  Second, the scale of application is wide. KINGLEE Qianli brand fiber laser machine has a wide range of applications, and it can mark any data, from carbon dioxide to semiconductors to optical fiber to ultraviolet models. These different models face different raw materials. We will communicate with customers. In, to assist users in choosing more suitable and cost-effective equipment, fast and accurate, has always been our potential to benefit people.  三, the operation is simple, easy to get started. The computer connection and the support of the WINDOW operating system are more in line with our usual computer operating habits. All the logo content and pictures can be modified by the computer. The fonts are not restricted, and the output value is not restricted. This greatly shortens the time for new product modification information and adjustments. Users win every moment of benefit. At the same time, every purchase of our equipment will have a dedicated engineer to provide point-to-point operation guidance and service, including education and meeting.  Four, high marking precision and comprehensive functions. It can perfectly complete garbled codes, active number skipping, exquisite graphics and text, precise lines, abrasion resistance, and good anti-counterfeiting effect. One of the strengths of laser inkjet printers, it can perform very slender logo marking operations. Laser coding is the most visible in the data. The thin line width can reach 0.015mm, which will not have a great impact on the entire raw materials of the product, and the deformation is small, which is satisfied with the needs of more electronic factories for small electronic components or small signs of other products.   Five, good stability, long life span. In addition to repair-free, consumable-free, and zero-pollution, the online fiber laser printing machine can engrave the same content and logos with laser marking, which can completely reach the same batch of processed products. The trademarks have the same functions. After years of application experience, more Many users have reported that the transformation from laser printers to printers is very necessary. It has reduced the cost of consumables for some high-volume manufacturers, won more profits, maintained the environment, and improved product visibility. Reducing costs and improving quality are what Shanghai Qianli has always been doing as a printer manufacturer, focusing on the automated marking profession, from the laser machine itself to its peripheral supporting equipment, such as conveyor belts, paging machines, and visual inspections. The KINGLEE brand has always adhered to our philosophy and missions, and we want to do better and provide users with cost-effective solutions, such as the system, active coding channels, automatic loading and unloading coding equipment, and multi-axis motion positioning coding channels. Identify the device.  

If you are a date coding machine fan, you definitely want to enjoy the best possible. The that you choose plays a major role with the kind of experience you have when using it.

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