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Analysis of the auto parts what are the advantages of laser marking machine

we all know that laser technology is a kind of quick and precise marking technology, different from the previous machine for commodity identification marking features. Used in auto parts sort is various, especially for car types now, in a wide range of brand era, producing a car needs consists of many parts, so if you want to quickly to separate these parts must be on the surface information of the tag. Laser marking machine in the application of auto parts mainly include: the qr code, plain code, logo, design, warning labels, tags, certification, production date, serial number, etc. A variety of marking requirements.

auto brand has many, many, how to avoid others will own brand for theft? The best thing to do is add the anti-fake mark, and the anti-counterfeiting mark is permanent, not deliberately changed at will. And auto parts machining principle of laser marking machine is the use of high energy laser beam to illuminate on the surface of the different types of auto parts, light can become heat energy in a flash, make the sculpture in the spare parts on the surface of the text, graphics, labels, barcodes and the effect of information such as the formation of permanent sticktite, to play the role of permanent anti-fake signs effect, so what is the advantage of specific?

1, high precision, the accuracy of laser marking processing to mm to extremes, can realize the key effect of hyperfine, there will be no deviation.

2, wide use: all know auto parts are many, many styles and types, which between them also has the very big difference on the material, but the laser marking machine will not be because of different materials and not for marking, it does not have limitations, but have extensive sex, in almost all of the material it can carry on the laser code.

3, high efficiency: for auto parts, for production there is a requirement, after all, the composition of a car is not made up by a single accessories, but made up by many different parts, so using a laser marking machine is able to cooperate with production line, eventually to improve the production efficiency effects.

4, effect is good: for laser marking machine, it can meet the demand of spare parts high standards of marking, such as graphic tags of different depth, different color marking requirements ( White, black, color, etc. ) , the effect is much better than ordinary marking engraving.

5, long service life: sometimes in the production of auto parts, in order to meet the needs of businesses, and the continuity of production for 24 hours. Laser marking machine is able to satisfy this requirement, it can work continuously for 24 hours a day, and not because of the continuity of work machine itself fault occurs.

6, low cost, laser marking machine belongs to a new type of marking machine, so it is without any supplies, electro-optical conversion rate is high, the laser output power stability, such as performance, to the user's use value lower costs and increase profits.

from the appeal is not hard to find, laser marking machine in the use of auto parts including the qr code, a plain code, Logo, design, warning signs, labels, nameplate, auto glass 3 c certification, production date, serial number, pervious to light buttons, such as diversification of marking requirements, the applicable scope is wide, both metal and nonmetal is can carry on the processing target, effect is exquisite, is a good helper of auto parts industry play mark.

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