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Analysis of the characteristics of ultraviolet laser marking machine is what?

about laser marking machine for the industry is not strange, even in such aspects as the effects of the properties for it has a certain understanding, but for those who are not familiar with the laser marking machine, users may only know laser marking machine is just for marking goods date, logo, barcode tags such as a kind of auxiliary machines. Other aspects are all don't understand, be confused in choosing when buying is not clear what you need is what kind of, here small make up is simple for you to introduce what is ultraviolet laser marking machine?

uv laser marking machine is one of the series of products belonging to the laser marking machine, it is different from other styles of laser marking machine, mainly adopts the 355 nm ultraviolet laser developed and become, 355 uv light spot focus is minimal. So can largely reduce the material and processing of mechanical deformation heat effect is small, very suitable for super precision demand marking, engraving, such as some food and pharmaceutical packaging marking, micro holes, and high speed glass partition and the complexity of the silicon wafer cutting use. Is one of the machinery industry high standards play mark must consider.

in understanding what is ultraviolet laser marking machine, laser marking machine under a simple analysis advantage have?

1, ultraviolet laser marking machine is peculiar to small focal sp, processing small heat effect and hyperfine marking, marking, such as performance, special material to meet the requirements of some merchants high standards, high marking requirements.

2, ultraviolet laser marking machine marking use range is relatively wide, come out a few manufacturer of copper, also can use on some material to use.

3, the beam quality of the uv laser marking machine is wonderful, little focus spot,, tag which has more extensively applicable scope is more delicate, small heat affected zone is more, will not produce the material burnt.

4, ultraviolet laser marking machine also has a high speed, high efficiency, good performance, small size, low power consumption, etc.

5, ultraviolet laser marking machine is able to profile the cold working processing of metal or nonmetal material, make its have better processing results, the influence to the lower.

6, ultraviolet laser marking machine has the characteristics of laser marking technology, able to adapt to today's high-speed development pipeline marking requirements.

7, the principle of laser marking machine is produced by using a laser beam and permanent marker in different material surface, through the short wavelength laser indirect break material molecular chain, and help to show the carved patterns, words, figures, etc.

overall, ultraviolet laser marking machine is a kind of high precision and special materials play mark characteristics, ordinary laser marking machine cannot be used for high precision material marking and ultraviolet can, so it can be applied to high-end market, cosmetics, medicines, LCD, electronic components, communications equipment and other products.

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