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Analysis of the domestic laser marking machine market

Laser marking machine in the face of market competition there is crisis, laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, technically is very old. As an extremely fast, high and new technology, laser marking machine of science and technology has been working for approval, is one of China pay attention to a set of different technology. So far, domestic is engaged in manufacturing industrial laser systems company exceeds 100, many manufacturers are set research and development, batch production and supply, sales, maintenance services set one of the methods, in recent years, laser market view, the laser and laser technology industry in China is the beginning of the planning. A, laser marking machine in recent years the rise and fall of China's domestic laser marking machine business experience of the financial crisis of 2008, all process, all the job crunch. This play is a laser marking machine based on the time of store, is also the chance to laser marking machine for moment. Because the cost of austerity, natural increase capacity plan is reduced in all walks of life, make the original add laser marking machine demand played a stacking effect. A blessing in disguise, 2010 laser marking machine in the mall, don't lose the results have been achieved. But don't confuse STH with STH else, said 2012 counterparts in the broad market owe good, because the increasing of the factory, make its bid to transparent, the price wars bring a lot of manufacturers natural crisis, after the laser marking machine profit space is getting smaller. Laser marking machine prices rose in 2013, the factory building and brand recognition is one of the biggest to the user to ensure that, like a laser, laser manufacturing equipment manufacturer with 20 years experience of the company no matter how the malls are crisis, laser can be standing in the wind tower 2, overseas market demand for laser marking machine in the using of laser processing market scale, large differences in both at home and abroad, foreign laser processing using the earliest work is based on high-tech, high technology, such as aerospace, car manufacturing industry, semiconductor industry, etc. , this work is more than a decade ago by domestic small tasks. China's domestic laser technology was first used in light industry, clothing fabrics, electronic industry, etc. The situation now is to supply a great chance to overseas manufacturers, China laser mall out of abroad. More than 20 years of laser technology from the initial light industry to now hit a high-tech category, laser marking machine not only witness the growth of science and technology, more and more clear industry in China is a big country, China's rapid add processing technology, makes China's industrialization will speed up to complete the laser processing technology, it also increasingly to be engaged in research and development of laser and laser processing system at home and abroad, production and operation of the company bring great opportunity and battle. Laser marking machine optical fiber laser marking machine

In today's world, have risen to an unexpected level of date printing machine. It has gained a lot of popularity and has come up with different kinds of variations in its content.

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