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Analysis of two different ink leakage faults in inkjet printers

In the process of daily use, the printer may have ink leakage failure. The ink leakage of the cij printer is divided into two types: one is ink leakage from the nozzle, and the other is ink leakage inside the chassis. For these two situations, there are also different failure factors. The following cij printer manufacturers are simple The explanation and analysis about the ink leakage failure of different cij printers. 1. Nozzle ink leakage: After the printer is used, if the position of the nozzle is too low or the nozzle is facing down, the ink in the ink path will have a certain pressure, which will cause it to leak from the nozzle. If the nozzle is damaged, it will also cause ink leakage from the nozzle. 2. There is ink leakage inside the case: There are ink leakage inside the printer case, which may be caused by three reasons: 1. Excessive ink is added to the ink cartridge, and there will be ink leakage at the bottom of the case. 2. If the ink cartridge or the auxiliary ink cartridge is damaged, it will also cause ink leakage at the bottom of the printer case. If this is the case, the ink cartridge needs to be replaced. 3. If the filter of the print head is not tightly sealed, it will also cause ink leakage at the bottom of the printer chassis. For this situation, then we need to observe the ink path system to strengthen the sealing effect to prevent ink leakage again.

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