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Analyze the factors affecting the price of inkjet printers from different perspectives

In the selection of coding and marking equipment, customers first think of the selection of the coding machine, followed by the price of the coding machine. In 2017, with the technical research and development and technological innovation of coding and marking equipment, the price of the coding machine has generally been reduced. Starting from the representative entry-level models of imported brands, inkjet printers have begun to enter the homes of ordinary people. Today, inkjet printer manufacturers and everyone analyze the 7 major factors that affect the price of inkjet printers. 1. Whether the printing effect is clear and beautiful. The first priority of the inkjet printer is to print and type. Whether the logo is clear and beautiful will directly affect the user's purchase experience. A clear and beautiful logo can not only improve the product packaging level, but also make sellers more assured when buying. , I feel that the products I bought are more formal and reliable. Whether the printing effect is clear or not is generally distinguished by the font and dot matrix. The dot matrix is u200bu200bneat, evenly spaced, horizontal and vertical, which is an important criterion for the quality of the printing effect. Some inkjet printers are more expensive. It is often because of the high requirements of customers that the low-priced machines cannot meet the requirements, so that we have to buy some imported models to achieve high standards of inkjet coding. 2. Whether the coding effect is firm and durable. With the enrichment of application product lines, the ink adhesion of cij printers has gradually become a problem that customers often care about. There are many types of inks, among which the more representative ones are high adhesion ink, anti-alcohol ink, anti-migration ink, UV UV ink, etc. In some quick-frozen food industries, packaging bags will be frozen for a long time after coding. If the ink is not firm or the durability is short, it is easy to be blurred, damaged, and dropped, which will cause complaints from customers and affect the product. For market sales, food factories are often willing to invest more money to purchase relatively high-priced, but better-quality inks. 3. Diverse content and rich functions. Equipment in different price ranges of inkjet printers will have a lot in terms of configuration, such as hardware accessories (pressure pump, solenoid valve, nozzle) or software configuration (communication connection, communication interface, QR code printing, variable barcode). The difference. 4. Adaptability. During the installation and commissioning process of the inkjet printer equipment, we will encounter various customer industries, as well as the technical requirements of different on-site installation environments and automation equipment. Our inkjet printer manufacturers can perform according to customer site conditions The transformation and upgrading of non-standard pipelines can also customize some online or offline equipment such as paging machines, conveyor belts, and automated coding platforms according to requirements to meet the diverse needs of users. Stronger adaptability is also reflected in the installation of equipment, such as IP protection (dustproof, waterproof) level, harsh environment for some low protection level equipment, it will cause firmware damage or ink path pollution, which directly affects the printing effect of the machine In terms of stability and service life, adaptability to harsh environments is also a standard condition for distinguishing the grades of inkjet printers. 5. High-speed performance and stability. This is also very important in the price of inkjet printers, that is, the printing speed of inkjet printers, especially for some cable factories, especially for high-speed moving wires and cables. If the speed of the matching inkjet equipment is not enough or can’t keep up If the content exceeds the range requirement, the meter count will be inaccurate, which will directly affect the entire product production line. Then there is stability. You can also use the cable production line as an example. Generally, the stability of the white ink machine is worse than that of the black ink machine. If the domestic model is used, the stability will be worse. The result is that the nozzles at both ends are blocked in three days. , The printing effect is often bad, which makes people a headache. Therefore, choosing the right model and the right brand is very important to the stable production of the factory. 6. Convenience of operation. Whether the operation is simple and whether the software system framework is clear and easy to understand. For some users who have no experience and operating practice basis, whether they can quickly learn the daily operation and use methods and common problems and troubleshooting in a short time is a very influential one in the later use. One of the key factors. Seven, general integrated performance. When used in conjunction with automated production line equipment, whether it can achieve fast, accurate, and coordinated seamless connection is also a manifestation of value for an cij printer. With the popularization of automation concepts such as Industry 4.0 and China 2025, more and more production and processing factories will choose semi-automatic or fully automatic assembly lines with higher integration and higher automation for product production and processing. With this development, inkjet printers have become more and more intelligent, which can better support some automated packaging equipment for marking and marking on the surface of products in the future. Through the comprehensive analysis of the above seven factors, it is presumed that both new and old users will have a new understanding and understanding of the cij printer, and comprehensively look at the value of an inkjet printer from the perspectives of its use, application, function, and characteristics. , So as to determine whether the price is reasonable, whether it is required by your own factory, and purchase a new generation of suitable and assured identification equipment.

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