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Anti-counterfeiting technology is inseparable from inkjet printers

Anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting methods have always been another kind of 'competition' in the course of commodity competition. It is true that the state expressly prohibits and deals with unfair competition methods such as counterfeiting and forgery. However, in modern society, this phenomenon is difficult to completely disappear. In the production process, in addition to special anti-counterfeiting measures, manufacturers can now also use identification to prevent counterfeiting.   One of the anti-counterfeiting principles of the cij printer's logo is the uniqueness of the logo. For manufacturers, the product is given a unique number or sequence number through the cij printer. Consumers can verify the uniqueness of the logo through telephone, Internet and other means when using it, which is also a good anti-counterfeiting means. Here, the markings of laser printers have good resistance to normal wear and use wear. Therefore, in subsequent use, the loss of the logo can also be prevented.  The anti-counterfeiting of the cij printer is to prevent counterfeiting through the 'invisible' ink. This is what we need dedicated invisible ink and a suitable viewing environment.  The method here has passed the technical support of the printer. Moreover, the cost of use is much lower than traditional anti-counterfeiting methods.

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