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Application of inkjet printer on food packaging bags

In daily life, we can see everywhere, how are some black ink-like letters and numbers sprayed onto edible or used objects? This is to rely on the inkjet printer machinery to complete this task. Compressed biscuits are a favorite food. Nowadays, compressed biscuits have been coded, printed with the production date, expiration date and other words. The machine that types the compressed biscuits is the printer. Since compressed biscuits use airtight air and there is no oxygen in it, microorganisms cannot carry out normal activities to keep food fresh. With the passage of time and the advancement of society, compressed biscuits are processed through various manufacturing processes, so it is essential to print the production date, batch number, or shelf life on these compressed biscuits. At the same time, it can provide consumers with a safe, healthy and distinguishable food. For compressed biscuits, not only depends on the coding of the cij printer, consumers also need to pay attention to the appearance of things and the condition of internal ingredients to judge. For consumers, when we buy, we should check the production date on the bag to make sure it was printed with a printer. Based on this date, we can know whether it has expired; secondly, we should check whether the package is complete or clean. Wiped traces and so on. On our food, if we have the indications printed by these cij printers, we can be more assured and safer to eat, which will also give us a better guarantee for the food we eat in our lives. Printing the production date, batch number, or expiration date on compressed biscuits, in the form of compressed coding, has become the consensus of our country and the world. At the same time, coding on compressed biscuit-related foods has become an urgent matter for related companies. Only when we use coding machines to code all items, we can trace the roots to find the most fundamental source, so all Only the products and foods produced by the company can be guaranteed more reliably.

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